Soul Mates: Secrets

Title: Soul Mates: Secrets
Author: Jourdan Lane
Genre: paranormal suspense, gay (M/M/M/M)
Length: Novel
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Rating: 5+ stars out of 5 (DIK)


Everyone has a secret. In the Delacroix coven, secrets are at the root of just about everyone’s problems. Sometimes, however, keeping a secret is the only way to stay alive. Peter is getting used to his new life as a half-vampire half-werewolf. He’s picky about feeding, wanting a variety of donors instead of a select few. But being out in the open has attracted unwanted attention his way. It seems that he’s been targeted — once again — by an unknown source. While Peter and those close to him try to figure out what is going on and who is to blame, his relationship with Lucien is being tested yet again. His close relationship with Nikolas doesn’t help matters any and when anger and jealousy between Lucien and Nikolas come to a head, all Peter can do is sit back and hope for the best.

Soul Mates Series


Peter’s and Lucien’s relationship seems headed for extinction. They still love each other but the secrets between them are tearing them apart and now they are not even sleeping in the same bed. Their issues are getting worse every day and everyone in the coven is waiting for the powder keg to explode.

Soul Mates: Secrets opens with Peter trying to cope with his new life as a half vampire half werewolf and all that it entails – the sex, the feedings, the pettiness among members of the coven, not to mention Lucien’s extreme anger and jealousy over the close and complex relationship between him and Nikolas. In the midst of all this infighting the target on Peter’s back keeps getting larger as his life is threatened by a very powerful but unknown enemy who knows his every move and choreographs his murders to implicate Peter. Meantime, Peter is trying to help Simon, without his knowledge and consent, to regain the most important part of himself that was ripped away when he was banished for committing a heinous crime, but Simon could be totally devastated when he finds out the price he may have to pay for Peter’s interference.

Angels, demons, vamps, werewolves, incubi and other species really come out to play in this, the newest Soul Mates book. I said this before but it bears repeating: Jourdan Lane kicks ass in this series. There is nothing that she does not explore sexually between the main protagonists and when you think you’re beyond shocked she lets you have it right between the eyes again with both barrels. Monogamy does not exist in her world of vampires, werewolves and incubi and for a very good reason, they are not human and therefore human norms and practices do not apply. Fans of the series who are looking for Peter and Lucien to have a more traditional relationship will not have their wish answered this time around.

The plot is even more complex than the previous books and secrets abound. Some answers will be revealed, but there will be so many more new doors that the author opens you are left to wonder at the breath and scope of her imagination. This book introduces new characters – Tanner, a police detective who is also a werewolf, Zephyr an angel with an edge, and Peter’s secret enemy who might be a lot closer than he thinks. As usual, the sex is through the roof and I’m sure Lucien’s coven must go through more sheets than a brothel but what I loved most is the emergence of Nikolas into his own and the very complex relationship between his wolf and Peter’s.

At the end of this book there’s a hint of who’s behind the attacks on Peter and inciting a turf war, but no one will know for sure until Book 5, Soul Mates: Ascension, which promises to have even more action than the series so far. The body count, blood and guts are in the stratosphere but there was a moment when everything stood still and Peter’s and Nikolas’ wolves really moved me – the air between them was so alive and palpable – and at last their secret is revealed.

A number of pieces fall into place and fans of the series will have answers to most questions raised in the previous books but Jourdan Lane would not be the master storyteller that she is without introducing even more complex issues for the next book. The end of Secrets will amaze you – do not miss it.

Soul Mates: Secrets will be available from Torquere Press on October 15, 2008.


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  • Hi Kacie

    Awesome is the word. Secrets is supposed to be released on October 15 but the date has changed so much who knows, but here’s hoping.

  • This is such an awesome series! Loved the review, and I’m totally jealous Wave! lol Can’t wait to read it, just 2 more days, right? 🙂

  • Ozakie
    I know that Jourdan appreciates your kind comments. She told me that she’s reading all the posts although she hasn’t been able to do a lot of typing to respond.

    Second, you don’t know what you’re missing. This series is for me the best vampire series I have read so far, bar none. But when you start it (I know you won’t be able to resist) you have to read the books in order to get the full flavour and understand the characters’ motivations. Good luck on holding out *g*

  • Wave,

    First things first, I wish Mrs. Lane good health and on the mend to a speedy recovery.

    Second, I will not read this review bc I have not read any books in the Soul Mates series…Yet…(emphasis on yet..) Vampires! Werewolves! Hot Mansex!! Im sooooo there! LOL

    Third and last but not least to Wave. U are such an enabler…LOL. I mean my bank acct cant take anymore of this..Ive become a fiend, an addict I tell you!!

  • *jaw drops* There is another book? Wicked! I didn’t know when I read a Coven Christmas that there was gonna be a next book. Weeeee made my day, though the review only made me even more impatient.

    That will teach me not to keep up with my fav. authors.

    Great interview and review again!!

  • Hi Anna
    I take it you liked the review? *g* I aim to please. Jourdan wrote such an awesome book but it was jam packed and I tried to give you a taste 🙂

  • This review is almost torture. Here I am waiting semi-patiently for this very book and this review just pushes it to impatiently.

    Getting answers to questions that have arisen from previous books certainly is very appealing, and hearing that there may be more? Just makes me want to have the fifth book in my little hands.

    Again, can’t wait! Thanks for an awesome series, Jourdan!


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