Rush In The Dark (Common Powers #2)

Title: Rush In The Dark (Common Powers #2)
Author: Lynn Lorenz
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary GLBT (M/M)
Length: novel
Rating: 4 1/2 stars out of 5


Brian Russell has watched his best friend find love and happiness with a hot young man, and now he wants some of that happiness for himself. While on a job, he meets Rush Weston, the cowboy of his wet dreams in a dark Houston alley. They begin a relationship, having hot phone sex during the week and even hotter dates on Friday nights.

Rush has never had a relationship with a man, never gone on dates, never given his heart to anyone, just had anonymous encounters and a string of one-night stands. Brian’s relationships have always been safe and conventional, if not a little boring, and his heart’s been broken too many times to count. But with Rush, Brian is doing things he never thought he’d do, like getting carried away in the front seat of a truck in broad daylight. Rush’s fears and clumsiness with Brian threaten to ruin everything, but Brian sees something worth fighting for in the big cowboy.

Both men have found “the one, ” but Rush won’t leave his ranch. Not even for Brian. Brian’s only choice is to give up on Rush, or give Rush time and hope he’ll be brave enough to admit to everyone that he’s gay so they can be together because Brian refuses to go back in the closet. Not even for Rush. So, what are a hunky P.I and a sexy as hell cowboy to do? If they’re going to have a life together, something’s gotta give.

Common Powers Series


Rush and Brian are falling hard for each other and Brian has no hesitation admitting it but Rush has never had a relationship and the thought of Brian being in love with him is unnerving because first of all, he’s beginning to have strong feelings for him which he doesn’t want – this would mess up his life in the closet. Second, he would have to do something about it and Brian’s transparent emotions and wishes, and he’s hopelessly out of his depth.

Here we have a situation where the two protagonists are in love but there is a real stumbling block to their relationship going anywhere. Rush has a dark past which intrudes on any thought of happiness with another man. Even though his father is long dead he still manages to make Rush’s life miserable in the present and controls the way he manages his love life. Also, Rush does not feel that he will be accepted by his friends once they find out he’s gay and he may lose valuable business for his ranch which is not only his home but his livelihood. Brian, on the other hand is very open about his sexuality and has no intention of hiding the fact that he is gay and that presents a significant problem for Rush.

Lynn Lorenz’s erotic historical books have been some of my all time favourites and she’s a very articulate writer who takes you on the journey with her characters. Her sex scenes are emotional, raw, incredibly hot and make you want to take a VERY cold shower afterwards. I think she should write a book about phone sex because this was hot, hot, hot and I can now see why people get off on it!

The fact that this book is the second one in the paranormal Common Powers series makes it even more interesting because you meet the characters from the first book and get to see how they are coping with their new lives and overcoming their obstacles. As usual, with all paranormal books you have to suspend belief, particularly with this series because these are ordinary everyday people who have a special talent or gift that may creep others out in real life. The end of the book was a bit strange and might have freaked me out a little but not in a bad way; it was just unexpected. However, because of the genre, I suppose it made sense. is well written, held my attention and kept me entertained, and there was great sex which this author really knows how to write. In my opinion this is not a standalone book and is better enjoyed if you read the previous book Soul Bonds first, where Brian was introduced. Soul Bonds is reviewed on the blog here. I hope you enjoy this terrific story as much as I did.

Rush in the Dark



  • It’s nice to have you back Jen. Just remember – IMO Rush in the Dark is better than Soul Bonds and you really have to suspend belief in this paranormal series!

  • I haven’t been intentionally keeping myself from reading m/m…just haven’t had much time to read e-books and have picked out some real duds lately. The one I’m reading now is good though, and I’ll have it finished just in time to buy these on Friday. 🙂

  • Hi Jen
    I thought you were off M/M books? What happened?

    I actually liked this latest book a little more than the first book (they’re both good) but you need to read them in order.

  • Thanks so much for the fabulous review, Wave!!

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books – and I hope that will continue.


  • Hi Lily
    I enjoyed Rush in the Dark even more than Soul Bonds. It’s a terrific story with phenomenal sex *g*

    If you haven’t read her erotic historicals you should try them starting with The Mercenary’s Tale. I really loved that book. The review is on the blog and you can access it by entering the name on the search parameter at the top left hand corner of the blog.

  • Thanks for another great review. I’ve read Soul Bonds and really enjoyed. Haven’t read this one yet but it sounds awesome. Will have to juggle my TBR list around 🙂


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