How Do You Like Your M/M Erotic Romances?

As mentioned in an earlier post, an author who writes M/M erotic romances asked me to gauge the psyche of M/M readers who frequent this blog, in this case female M/M readers who make up the majority of the fan base for these books, to get a barometer of what you like or don’t like about the genre. We would really appreciate your assistance in this short survey and although there are no prizes, your input is very important.

Although this poll is directed at female readers at the request of the person who suggested it, as you know this blog does not discriminate (see similar polls directed at gay men where I invited women and M/M authors to weigh in) and I would therefore like to invite male readers of the genre who check out the blog (I know you’re out there even though you prefer to fly under the radar *g*) to give us your opinions as well and I will tabulate your responses separately. If you are male please indicate this in your response.

The comments in parenthesis are only intended as guides and are not to be taken literally. We would like you to respond in your own words.

1. Why do you like to read M/M erotic romances?

2. What elements attract you to these books – what is the appeal? (Is it the kink factor? Is it because you like the thought of two hot guys making out? Do you like being a voyeur looking in at something you think is forbidden or taboo? Insert your own reasons)

3. How did you start reading the genre? (Your friends recommended it? Other genres bored you?)

4. If there is one thing that you would change about the genre, what would it be? (Too much angst? Not enough real conflict in the books? Not enough plot? Characterizations? Insert your own ‘beef’)

Without differentiating regarding sub genres such as paranormal, horror, sci fi, mysteries etc. How do you like your M/M erotic romances?

a. Would you like more sex scenes in these books? (What would be a reasonable amount of sex, in your opinion, in each book – 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% of the content? More than 30%?)

b. Would you like to see more plot/story in M/M erotic romances and less emphasis on the sex? (To what extent does plot matter to you, or does it?)

c. For those of you to whom plot matters, would you like to see more intensity? (Political intrigue? Murders most foul? Drug cartels? Insert your own plot)

d. Would you like some new/different story lines to invigorate the genre (a recent example – conflict between priesthood and love), or a continuation of the current tried and true themes? (Best friends become lovers? Gay for you? Teacher/student? Give us your opinions – ‘Change’ isn’t only for politicians *g*)

e. Which do you prefer – character driven or plot intensive storylines?

This last question is for authors of the genre

Do you write M/M erotic romances with female readers in mind? Are your stories targeted at both genders? What elements do you try to include that you think your readers will like?

Thanks again for your time and input in this poll and just as important, for your support of this blog. As you know from previous polls, I really appreciate and value your opinions. (I would throw money at you but unfortunately the Canadian dollar is down a tad recently *g*)

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  • A side-note cuz this just came to me. I totally believe that there can be sap stories. I’ve written a sniffler of two, I’ve written that warm glow of love and the depression that can follow when it’s ruined or crushed.

    But long monologues of love and loneliness?

    Make it stop. Just make it stop.


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