Secrets, Skin and Leather

Title: Secrets, Skin and Leather
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Self Published
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary GLBT (M/M)
Length: Novel (259 pages Print)
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Scott Daley is a high-powered executive by day, but by night he plays on the fetish scene. He keeps his two lives scrupulously separate, not wanting his clients to have any idea what he gets up to. Afraid it might ruin him, Dal keeps the wild child firmly in the closet. So when Dillon, a distant business associate, sees Dal at a club one night, things take a dangerous, and exciting turn. Dillon invites him to what he thinks is a business meeting, but it turns into a weekend of debauchery that sets off a torrid affair.

Meeting whenever they can, high-powered Dillon and ambitious Dal explore all of the ways they can love each other, living just enough on the edge to get a thrill. And maybe get caught. When things go sour, Dal hits the road, running as far away as he can, trying to figure out how to minimize the damage to his life and his career. Dillon isn’t quite ready to let him go, though, and sets out to get Dal back.

Can Dillon convince Dal that some secrets are worth letting out of the bag? Sean Michael creates an exciting world where business meets pleasure and all of the games have high stakes in this steamy novel.


Scott Daley plays below the radar for obvious reasons; he can’t afford to screw up his career. If his conservative clients ever find out about his fetish addiction and lifestyle they would dump him and the good life would be over. Then one night while out playing at one of his usual hangouts wearing a black leather cincher, barely-there jeans, and nipple clamps he’s spotted by a recent business associate, Dillon Walsh. Dillon is also into the scene and he’s instantly attracted to Dal as he’s known among his fetish friends, so when he recognizes him he devises a plan to capture more than his attention and he baits the trap and waits.

Dal is invited to a business retreat with Dillon and other executives but he discovers that it’s much more than described. On arrival he finds an exceptional and expensive gift in his room which makes him realize that his cover is blown. Dal can no longer escape exposure and Dillon will accept no less than his complete submission. The business weekend turns into one of total debauchery as our two protagonists open themselves to each other and experience the ultimate thrill.

Their affair has the kinkiest sex this side of anywhere as Dal and Dillon explore every fetish known to man. They realize that they not only want but need each other and as they are getting dangerously close to a much different relationship their bubble bursts; Dal’s lifestyle is exposed for all the corporate world to see and he runs away. Dillon is frantic and realizes only then how much Dal has come to mean to him.

This story shows a totally different world that most people never get to experience and maybe they don’t want to. The kinks are outrageous and their sole intent is to heighten sexual pleasure which seems to be in the stratosphere. Is there a danger that your head could explode from triple orgasms? Regardless, this book is so hot and the passion is so intense as Sean Michael does what he does best – he gave me a thrill ride for the ages. The sex was totally unbelievably erotic but what really moved me were the times when Dal and Dillon were tender with and vulnerable to each other. I thought the two characters balanced each other and although Dillon was more the top, Dal was no submissive wimp – he knew what he wanted and made sure he got it.

Sean Michael is a writer who has such a wide body of work and range that every time I open a book he’s written I’m not sure if I’m going to get something sensitive and emotional like The Broken Road, Fine as Frog’s Hair or a different kind of book like Bite. I have never been disappointed by his books – I’ve been challenged, shocked and moved and I have experienced any number of other reactions but disappointed or bored – never. Secrets, Skin and Leather was no different in the sense that it gave me new new thrills and captivated me for several hours. I loved this book.



  • Hi Mary
    Thank you as always for your very nice comments.

    Fetishism is not for everybody and I always warn the readers if I think a book is potentially controversial.

  • I always thought it was stupid that once people learn of any kind of “kink” in your sexual life, it’s like it’s all they can think about when they see you afterwards. Like the fact someone is gay or sucking on toes or likes getting whipped made it impossible to be a nice person or a good accountant or something.

    That being said, the topic of fetishism doesn’t interest me much, so even though it sounds well done I’m probably going to pass on this one. I still read the full review and it’s a very nice one, as usual :).

  • I’ve always loved that SSL cover. My fave stories have always been two of the earliest..Where Flows the Water and Second Sight.

    And, as I flip through my various libraries, I just realized that I own over 50 e-books and anthologies and about 10 signed print books by Sean. Prolific bastage, isn’t s/he?

  • I’ve always loved that SSL cover. My fave stories have always been two of his earliest..Where Flows the Water and Second Sight.

    And, as I flip through my various libraries, I just realized that I own over 50 e-books and anthologies and about 10 signed print books by Sean. Prolific bastage, isn’t s/he?

  • Hello Addison
    Sean is so talented AND versatile. The Broken Road is one of my faves and I have to try and find the time to review it on the blog (I know, it’s probably been reviewed to death, but I want to at least try to say what it is I loved so much about the book.)

    I bought Secrets, Skin and Leather on a whim and ended up loving it.

  • I loved this one, too. Yes, you never know what you’ll get from Sean. Such variety! I also loved The Broken Road. If forced to pick a Sean Michael favorite that’s the one I’d probably list.

  • Thanks for the info, I’ll be looking forward to his Spotlight.

    As for the kink, as long as it’s between Consenting Adults and they are both getting what they needed out of it, I don’t have a problem with it (be it in books or real life). To each his own, I say 😉

  • Hi Lily I’m so glad you love this book – I really respect your opinion. Some people are turned off by different forms of kink.

    On your question – as a matter of fact Sean will be on the blog as Author of the
    Week on December 17th – can’t make it earlier. I can’t believe how popular these spots are – I’m now booking January. I will also propose a return engagement for him on my much longer Author interviews sometime next year because he has such a body of work. However, I haven’t discussed this with him as yet.

    Thank you for stopping by.


  • Wave,
    I totally love this book. Sean is one of my favorites, I’ve got almost every book he’s written. His range is awesome, from the totally sexed up Jarheads to the sweet friends story of the Broken Road. I LOVE it all, he’s never disappointed me!!!

    Umm, quick thought, any chance of an in-depth Sean Michael interview? That would so rock!!

    Great review as always 😉


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