It Takes A Hero

It Takes A Hero
Title: It Takes A Hero
Author: Lynn Lorenz
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Genre: Contemporary M/M, Interracial,
Length: Novella
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Lt. Tony Richmond has had his legs cut out from under him. Literally. After losing one leg below the knee, he’s lost his career as a Marine, his lover leaves him in the hospital, and any sense of worth he had has flown.

Staggering from these blows to his body and heart, he refuses to deal with his situation, until his sister brings him home to live with her. Once she sees the state of depression and denial Tony is living in, she hires a physical therapist, Marcus Jamison, to work with Tony. Marcus is too hot for Tony to resist, but Tony thinks sexy Marcus is just another man who won’t want him because of his amputation. Tony fears Marcus sees him as nothing more than a patient. Tony refuses help, but through Marcus’ patience and insistence, he wears Tony down.

But Tony wants so much more of Marcus than just his help. He wants all of Marcus, especially that café au lait body and those soft, strong hands. And the hope that Marcus holds out to him — that Tony can regain his life and maybe even his career.


When Tony Richmond returns home from Mosul all he wants to do is hide from everyone and from life. He locks himself away from the world and even his sister Claire can’t get through to him as he wallows in despair at the hand he has been dealt, until she decides to do something about what he was becoming, less than a man. She forces Tony to re-evaluate his life by hiring a Physical Therapist to work with him and rebuild his body.

The first time he meets Marcus Jamison Tony is attracted to him but does not think that Marcus would be interested in a cripple with one leg, so he refuses to accept his services. But Marcus is not the type of man to take “no” for an answer and he proceeds to break down Tony’s barriers by building up his confidence and letting him see himself through different eyes, and for a time it works as they can’t keep their hands off each other. However, the path of true love does not run smoothly as Tony doubts if Marc cares about him as a person. A few weeks later the continuing issue of Tony’s disability drives them apart, just when they were getting along and Tony’s confidence in himself was building.

What I like about this author is the fact that she’s very versatile and every plot is completely different from the previous one. Her characterizations are always fresh and well drawn and Tony and Marc are no different. The story is engrossing and realistic and from the beginning I felt that I was actually in the firefight with Tony in Mosul when his leg was blown off. His agony was very real when his lover George dumped him and this affected his life for several months as he struggled with feelings of abandonment and a lack of self confidence.

Marc’s character was three dimensional and at no time in the story was the fact that he and Tony were of different races an impediment to their romance. Their issues were mostly due to Tony’s fear that he could not measure up to Marc because his body was whole and Tony’s was not, while Marc did not want to take advantage of Tony’s vulnerability. Tony’s disability in and out of bed was dealt with sensitively and the sex scenes were tastefully done, but at the same time they were as hot and sensuous as those in the author’s other stories. Claire, Tony’s long suffering sister, was sweet but tough with him when he needed a kick in the butt and I thought that the author did a terrific job on her character as well.

I have not been disappointed by Lynn Lorenz since I discovered her erotic historical books over a year ago and her contemporary stories are just as good. I was impressed by It takes a Hero and I would highly recommend that you buy this book.



  • Mary
    I became a fan of this author when I read her first 2 erotic historical books The Mercenary’s Tale and Jackson’s Pride. She has only recently started to write contemporaries. I really love her writing.

  • Now that’s intriguing. An author I don’t know and a book I never heard about combined with a 5 rating. Love those, usually promise great new discovery 😀 I’ll have tocheck out this author. The story sounds great, I’ve read that plotline several times in M/F romance and always liked it when it was well done. Thank you!!

  • Hi Lily
    Lynn Lorenz is a terrific writer and I’m glad you bought this book – you won’t be disappointed.

    Her erotic historicals are part of a series called “In the Company of Men”. The first two books in the series are The Mercenary’s Tale and Jackson’s Pride. Both of them are reviewed on the blog – here are the links

    I can guarantee that you’ll love them.

  • As always, thanks for a great review. I just got this book a couple of days ago and I see I’ll have to juggle my TBR list once again.

    I’ve read Lyn’s contemporary books but haven’t yet read the historicals, I’ll have to check them out as well.

    Wave, I’ll be back in the A.M. for my weekly Hot Men dose ;D Goodnite!


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