Life, Love, and the Moon

LifeLoveandtheMoon_coverlgTitle: Life, Love, and the Moon
Author: Jeigh Lynn
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Genre: Paranormal, GLBT (M/M/F)
Length: Novella
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


At a Day of the Dead celebration with her cousin, Sarah Garrett finds not just one but two perfect men. Even knowing the relationship will be publicly viewed as immoral and that she’ll probably be disowned, she’s determined to have them…both.

Emilio Hernandez has always known that Michael McCoy was his mate, but he never dreamed he could have a romantic relationship with Michael until Sarah came along. Sarah offers him not just her love but a chance to be with his mate as well. When he was young, Michael McCoy was disowned by his parents and nearly separated from his mate, his best friend, when he was caught kissing Emilio. Since then he’s maintained it was better to have Emilio as his best friend and constant companion than to be his lover and risk being separated and shunned.

Sarah and Emilio will have their work cut out for them to convince Michael the three of them are meant to be together.


Sarah met Emilio and Michael, best friends since childhood, on Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead and knew right away that she was lost. They were total opposites – Michael was beautiful, with jet black hair and gray eyes and Emilio – very tall, dark, with rugged good looks. After attending a family wedding the guys ask her out on a date and she wanted them both to be hers. But Michael and Emilio were much closer than best friends….. their wolves were mates but had never mated because their families frowned on the relationship so they decided to remain just friends for the rest of their lives.

However, Sarah had other ideas. She wanted the men to achieve their full potential as lovers and mates but they refused to acknowledge any other relationship with each other than friendship. In the meantime Emilio pursues Sarah and they fall in love while Michael tries to hide his hurt and longing for his new love and his mate. Will Sarah ever get her men to be together both as werewolf mates as well as human lovers?

Jeigh Lynn has written a lovely story about a woman who is determined to have her cake and eat it. Sarah is in love with two men who try to deny their sexual feelings for each other and it was really hot when she seduces Michael, with Emilio’s help, and then they both have Emilio. Shall I go on? The sex was boiling hot, you’ll fall for the characters and wonder where this writer has been hiding her light. Jeigh Lynn is a very well known M/M author whose books have sold in the hundreds of thousands, even millions, and I was surprised at the different writing style and prose in Life, Love and the Moon because I have long admired her other persona. You’ll enjoy this heartwarming story about a woman who loved two men enough to give them to each other.


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