At Long Last: Scott & Preston

Title: At Long Last: Scott & Preston
Author: Shawn Lane
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary GLBT (M/M)
Length: Novella
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


When his best friend’s younger brother gets a job at their law firm, Preston Reynolds begins to feel the same overwhelming attraction he felt for Scott Trask years earlier. But he couldn’t be sexually attracted to the young gay man. Preston isn’t gay.

Scott has been in love with Preston for years, but the man is straight, and he was married. And now that Preston is divorced, that doesn’t mean he is any more available. The more Preston tries to ignore his attraction, however, the more he thinks about it. Finding himself alone at the office one night with Scott, he finally surrenders to his urges. Afterward, Scott wants to talk about what happened, but Preston doesn’t want to analyze it, still certain he couldn’t prefer men.

When Preston suggests to the openly gay man that they keep things between them secret, however, the situation comes to a head. Both men are forced to make difficult decisions, but will their choices tear them apart forever?


Preston has always had mixed feelings about Scott Trask and he was happy when Scott left home at 19, six years ago, so that he didn’t have to deal with his discomfort about those feelings. He was not happy to be told by his best friend Jack that Scott was now back home and would be occupying the office next to his. When he sees Scott again Preston realizes that those old feelings are still there and his confusion grows every day as he does not know what to make of his attraction. Scott is a man – how could he be attracted to another man? He’s not gay, is he? Although he did admit to himself he had been attracted to other men since his divorce, he had not pursued them, but he could not control his emotions when he was around Scott.

Scott had lusted after Preston since he first met him and acknowledged that he was in love with him; this was the main reason why he had left home all those years ago. Preston was married and supposedly straight at the time and he knew that there was no future for them together. Now that he’s back he knows that his feelings have not changed and now he’s getting mixed signals from Preston.

One night when they are in the office alone together Preston aggressively pursues Scott and they have the most incredible sex which totally blows him away. But Preston is not interested in a relationship with Scott. The next day he all but ignores what happened the previous night, but at quitting time he asks Scott to go home with him however, he requests that he keep their little tryst to himself. Scott soon understands that his role in Preston life is to be his dirty little secret because Preston could not deal with being gay so he gives Preston a choice – acknowledge him as his lover or it’s over.

I really liked this book and the characters and I thought the plot worked well. In addition, the sex between Preston and Scott was very hot. The dialogue sparkled and the author, Shawn Lane, did a very good job of integrating the characters and the plot to make it a really good story. The portrayal of Preston and his dilemma was a realistic picture of a man who was bi-curious or gay but was scared to acknowledge his sexual orientation. He still wanted the white picket fence and couldn’t face disillusioning his young children by coming out, so he’s running scared.

I did have one issue with this book which perhaps other readers might not question and it relates to Preston’s characterization. This was Preston’s first sexual encounter with another man, yet he is very experienced in gay sex in ways that I wouldn’t have expected, and I wondered how many men in his situation would be so knowledgeable and willing to explore. He was also insatiable about sex and it wasn’t clear whether he was in love or in lust.

At Long Last is an enjoyable book with likable, three dimensional characters, and you’ll fall in love with Scott.



  • Shawn – That part wasn’t really a complaint. Just a personal thing that freaked me out. And…um…I’ll stop there. LOL

    I love Scott. Yum.

  • Um, actually not to reveal too much personal information, LOL, but it CAN be done and not with a total amount of pain. Wooo, WAY TMI.

    Sure, Wave. Will email now

    PS. Thanks, JenB

  • Jen
    Yes that was pretty scary and I think the idea was that other lubrication (saliva and a pre-lubed condom ), would be enough. However, that’s never enough.

  • I have to admit…my ass clenched (in a bad way) when I read about them having sex with no more lube than a bit of saliva and what was on a pre-lubed condom.

    Ow ow ow ow owwwwww.

    Other than that, loved it. Finished it today, in fact. 🙂

  • OK I’m happy you understand my perspective on BOTH books. I do love Scott – great work on his character. Sometimes I can’t connect to the characters and that happened in PA.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the blog.

  • No worries, I know what part you are referring to. I didn’t actually think about it in the context you did when I wrote it, but I get where you are coming from.

    Thanks for enjoying The Squire again *g*. That was my first attempt at an erotic romance so it holds a special place for me.

    You completely explained why you didn’t like PA. I’m not offended or bothered or anything. I’ve had enough good reviews on that I can take a few not so good ones *g*

    And I will definitely try to appear more often and lurk less.


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