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As you know, sometime ago I put the word out for guest reviewers because I wanted to try new things on the blog to give you, the readers, more content and different perspectives. Well I have some breaking news. 🙂 I found two great guest reviewers. You have met Emerald Jaguar who has already posted two reviews. I tried to describe Emmy on Sunday and failed miserably but I will reprise what I said at the time for those of you who did not see my original post. Also joining the blog as a guest reviewer is LynnZ who has a kinder, gentler style which I would say is in between Emmy’s and mine. Here’s a little background on Lynn and a reprise of the original information on Emmy –

Aunt Lynn (or just Lynn, if you are like me and cannot fathom talking about sexxy things with someone’s Aunt!) began her foray into M/M land as many women do: via slash fanfiction. Starting off in Harry Potter fanficlandia and shipping Harry/Draco, she then discovered original character free stories in Nifty, finally graduating to for-pay stories, many of which have been reviewed here. Inspired to put fingertips to the keyboard about a few of her favorite books she began writing reviews on Amazon about six months ago. Lynn’s style is thoughtful — and definitely wordy — consideration laced with just a bit of humor. In her quest to learn everything there is about the books she consumes, she seeks out what others are saying about them, and if along the way she stumbles upon additional information and titillating conversation about these books, their authors, and the genre in general, then all the better! This is how she found this blog and the prospect of being a guest reviewer. Lynn looks forward to the opportunity of having her reviews ripped apart by you animals …. sorry, I meant readers …. and her first review should be live later this week. Play nice boys and girls. 🙂

Here’s a repeat of what I said about Emmyjag on Sunday:

The delightful Emerald Jaguar has joined us as a guest reviewer on the blog. Emmy’s style is certainly very different from mine as I’m sure you realize since she has already posted two reviews under her “Half Assed” by-line. Are her reviews more fun??? Depends on whether you’re an author or a reader since she’s very satirical and pulls no punches. I do think her language needs a bit of work as her favourite phrase is “books that sucked hairy donkey ballz” *g* and she does tend to get sidetracked with rage when a book displeases her, for whatever reason. If you’re an author you had better duck, as Emmy has a unique way of critiquing books – not the types of book reviews you see in the venerable New York Times. Maybe her laid-back style has something to do with living in Hawaii, lying on the beach in the sun and asking the nearest guy (or gal) to oil her body!

Also, from time to time I hope that Mary M, our resident French Canadian critic, will grace the blog with her book reviews. Just saying 🙂

The above personalities are definitely different in their approach to reviews, which is what this blog is all about, diversity. (Couldn’t resist) :DDD


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • *raises hand with a sheepish g* I’m the long-winded one. Trying to work on that since my average review is about 1100 words. We’ll see how I do…

  • Emmyj
    Are you insinuating I’m “long winded”? I have been working hard to be more concise, which is what every reviewer should be. I HAVE improved – instead of 800 words I’m now down to 600 words per review – just saying *g*

    I have been enjoying Emmy’s reviews for sometime. Not sure whether some of them are still too hot for the blog, so her less controversial reviews are paving the way. :DDD There is one that I love and she knows of what I speak, but I’m not yet sure if the blog can withstand the storm that it will generate 🙂

  • Oh hai!!

    I’m NOT the long winded one, lolz. Hence the half-assed reviews. But we has a good team going, with distinctly different review styles. Should be lots of fun!!

  • I discovered Emmyjag quite recently when she friended me on LJ, and I’m vastly enjoying her half-assed reviews-I like a review that’s snappy and not nasty for nasty’s sake, finds the bad and also the good, and makes me laugh.

    I’m looking forward to discovering the other two!

  • I agree, Mary, you did a great job on the AE 1-3 series review. I just reread what you and Wave wrote and it was brilliant.

  • Kick and scream I did 😀 I was happy I did it…once it was over. While I’m writing, it’s always agonizing and I curse myself for promising ot do it and swearing it’s the last time.

    Ha. I say that after every hangover too.


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