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Several months ago I came across an article by well-known author John Scalzi in which he talks candidly about money and gives some great advice to writers about managing their finances. Here’s the first paragraph of his article –

“I made $164,000 last year from my writing.
I’ve averaged more than $100,000 in writing income for the last ten years, which means, for those of you who don’t want to bother with the math, that I’ve made more than a million dollars from my writing in the last decade. In 2000, I wrote a book on finance, The Rough Guide to Money Online. For several years I wrote personal finance newsletters for America Online. When I do corporate consulting, it’s very often been for financial services companies like Oppenheimer Funds, US Trust and Warburg Pincus. I mention this to you so that you know that when I offer you, the new, aspiring and dewey-eyed writer, the following entirely unsolicited advice about money, I’m not talking entirely out of my ass.”

When I interviewed Nicole Kimberling from Blind Eye Books last Wednesday, her comment about what an author has to do to earn $40,000/year stuck and reminded me about this article, so I dug it up for those writers who may be interested. Personally I think that the article gives some great advice from Mr. Scalzi. This article was written in February of last year so the current economic/ financial meltdown was far away on the horizon, and none of us who wasn’t clairvoyant could have envisaged the massive disaster that happened a couple of months ago which is still unfolding. This article makes it even clearer that the author knows of what he speaks and has some sane advice. Here’s the link –

Mr. Scalzi’s is a very popular author and his website Whatever gets 45,000 hits a day which is more than 2 million every month. I love Whatever and visit whenever I can. It’s worth a visit. (No, I’m not being paid for my testimonial – I just wanted to share this site with you) *g*

Here’s his bio if you’re interested


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Hi KB
    You’re welcome – I’m happy to help. Expert financial advice (especially if it’s free) is very hard to come by.

    I had no idea how many hits the blog gets until I installed a counter less than 3 months ago and already it’s up to 12,800. I still can’t believe how many lurkers there are on this site. The number of visitors will obviously go up now with your delightful contributions *g*

    50 comments on average on his site would make sense. For example, even though I visit Whatever regularly, I have never left a comment and maybe I should in the future. Probably most of his visitors are like me – shy???

  • You know what else has never made sense? How many of Scalzi’s fans are frickin shy. 45,000 visits a day, but averaging 50 comments. You get about that with 60 hits and some man titty flash on Fridays, LOL.

  • I have heard of John but have never been to his blog. This post you linked is exactly what I needed to read. Thanks Wave.

  • He’s funny – today’s entry about feeding his cats tuna and what effect it had on their personalities (like crack cocaine) was hilarious.
    But I like his serious posts as well, which this one was.

  • I read his blog occasionally because he’s fairly hilarious, but I have yet to read a single book. Not that it seems to matter. He’s doing fine without my 7 bucks.


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