Right Choice

ToHave and to HoldTitle: Right Choice
Author: Clare London
Publisher: dreamspinnerpress.com
Genre: Contemporary (M/M)
Length: short story
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5


Although he’s nervous on this, his wedding day, Pat is still taking all the stresses and mishaps in stride… until his mother announces that Nicky–his first gay friend, his first boyfriend, his first everything–is at the door.


Have you ever opened a book and thought you knew absolutely how it would end? I found out when I read Right Choice that I should never presume or assume anything about this author because she loves to change direction, or let the reader believe that she’s changed direction, when she was headed there all long. With that confusing beginning to this short review I will attempt to clarify the story as much as I can.

This book is told from the first person POV by Pat who is getting dressed for his wedding day and is being driven crazy by the women in his family.  Amidst all the wedding jitters his mother announces that Nicky is at the door. To say that Pat was surprised is an understatement. He didn’t want to see Nicky before he got married.

Pat had met Nicky at a party when he was a teenager; he dumped his current girlfriend and left with Nicky on his motor cycle and never looked back. Nicky was the kind of boy that mothers warned their sons and daughters about because he was different and over the years their friendship grew and evolved and they became lovers. But Pat was still in the closet with his family and friends and kept up the pretense of being straight with the girl he was dating at the time, the same one he left at the party all those years ago. The major fly in the ointment was that Nicky wanted to be  acknowledged by Pat as his lover, and  Pat’s refusal to come out to his family was the source of many disagreements between them. One night Nicky left after yet another argument and Pat had to make a decision about whether he would stay in the closet forever or be true to his relationship with Nicky. This is all part of flashbacks of Nicky’s and Pat’s story as Pat’s mother announced that he had a visitor and he had to decide whether or not to see Nicky just as he’s about to get married.

This is a wonderful short story and Clare London shows what a skilled writer she is as she manipulated me  into coming up with my own totally wrong ending for Pat. Great job Clare!


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  • Hi Clare
    As you can tell, you did it to me again and I’m grateful that you did because I read so many books it’s nice to be surprised from time to time. Great job. BTW Deep Cover was even shorter I think, and you achieved the same result.:)

  • Thanks for the lovely review and yes, I’m glad to have surprised you in all the right ways :). I don’t subscribe to the theory that a short story has to be simple *hehe*. Seriously, thanks for reading and enjoying it.

  • I so agree with you. It was the same for me, I thought it was going towards A, was sure it was going towards A and then boom, we headed to B. 🙂 Great story.


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