I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Hi Cathleen
    I’m so glad that you figured out gravatar. The “edit” function is still live – I used it a few minutes ago. I will check out Corbin again – I used to surf his site regularly! I’ll add Blake Mason to the List.:)

    You and Kris together – scary thought!

    You rated my site as “G” OR your gravatar? I sure hope no kiddies visit here because the rating is NC 17 *g*

  • Good Lord Wave, I had to rate it as a “G”. That was the problem. Never would I have thought of that. Now I am going to go to someother site that uses Gravatar, e.g.; A Disney like site & scare all the kiddies. :o)

  • Okay, testing the irritating Gravatar thing again. What better place to do it than here.
    What happened to the whole being able to edit your comments in a brief time limited window?

  • Corbin Fisher always has some of the hottest m/m pics. They are consistently good. Quite a few of my all time fave pics are Corbin’s. Blake Mason(not 1 person, just like Wave is not Jesse) has hot pics too. The English version of Corbin.

    I think it is a good thing that Kris is on a whole other continent. Our tastes, in many areas even outside of m/m books, are eerily similar. Together who knows the damage we could do.

    Per your response to KZ. Yes, it is very hard to count. Decent amount of scrolling to do & with all the eye candy it is hard to stay on task.

    Being part of the GRITS (Girls Raised In the South), I too had a comment on the fishing guy even before I saw Lynn’s. Anyone who knows why waders would be required to fish in some areas (as most southerners do) would also definitely not want his “bits” hanging out in that H2O in case he slipped. It is more about protection than getting wet.

    This might be another 1st. I don’t think I have ever commented on the Friday Guys. I have on other pics, but not these.

  • Nadja
    Silk doesn’t hurt, it caresses.:)
    So, Asian Guy, #7 and the surfboard guy are your faves today. I was sure you were going to go for the last guy because he fits your profile.*g*


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