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  • T.A.
    I know that you waited to scoop up what’s left. The guys feel disrespected – they want you to CHOOSE.:)

    Sorry Elayne
    Sean Kennedy chose #14 very early this morning. You really need to get up earlier.:)

  • Well, if there have been any that haven’t been picked yet, I’ll just take all of them. I have enough room…lol.

    Great selection as always, Wave.

  • I have lost track, but did anyone pick #14, cause I am tellin ya I SO could look into those eyes ANYTIME if you know what I mean *evil giggle*…..Sheesh I need to get on here earlier in the day, but school doesn’t start for another week, don’t want the munchkin askin why mommy is lookin at men-that aren’t daddy-on the computer all day LOL!

  • Sorry Yvette
    Lucky No. 13 went a long time ago to MaryM who does not share but maybe you could offer to do something nice nice for her. No 4 is like the Emperor – he has no clothes, while No. 5 is very stylish while showing off his glorious form.

  • Okay – I am not sure if anyone has dibbs on guy #1, if not I will take him, if so, please send him my way when you are done.

  • Okay, I thought he was just getting undressed and hadn’t gotten to the socks yet. But hey, I expressed my distaste of the gnarly man foot so socks is good for me.

    And since when is the fact they are porn stars been a deterent? LOL


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