You’ve got to be kidding me!

funny-picturesI believe I mentioned sometime ago that I would like to publish some fun articles here on the website, and to this end I’m thinking of starting a weekly column, with funny news items.

What I’m looking for are short stories that tickle your funny bone which you might have seen on-line, in a magazine,  in the newspapers or anywhere, maybe even in your church.*g* The only criteria is, it has to be funny.

Because readers on this site live in countries all over the world it would give the articles different perspectives on what’s going on in your world.  What do you think? Of course this means that you would have to do some of the work and I would collect your information, collate and publish it. I would prefer web based articles because links make it easy for the other bloggers to follow up the story, if they want to, but other types of articles are welcome.

Am I out of my mind? (Scratch that.:) Please write me at if you think this idea has merit, or leave a comment on this post. Thanks guys.

Here’s a sample http:/


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  • Btw, that picture… right stuff at the right moment. A friend of mine just got his new bike this afternoon. A blue one. And a speeding ticket for trying the bike out. Showed him the picture and his reaction was priceless 😀


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