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  • Mmmmm yummie, but I’ll skip this week. There were some gorgeous hunks at the summer course this year and I got to see them half naked since they went swimming.

    The view from my bed wasn’t bad at all since there was one yummie piece of man sleeping in the bed in front of me 😀 hihihi

    Though I would like to see all these hunks with swords too 😀

  • Nadja
    No. 11 is Jen’s guy and No. 2 belongs to greedy Ingrid (although she did say she was prepared to share).

    As I said to Liade, I couldn’t figure out how to number the guys on Blogger, but here the system is completely different and I’m happy to help you out.:)

  • Liade
    You can take no.8 home with you. The numbering thing – I never could figure out on Blogger but here it’s easy to do once I realized where everything went.:)

    You and Ingrid have to work out the sharing thing.:) But both guys are hot!!! No. 12 seems to be very popular.


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