Interview with Christian Otto

 Today I’m interviewing our Webmaster, Christian Otto, but he is much more than our Webmaster – he is also my friend.c hristian2
  Hi Christian, it’s such a pleasure to interview someone that I have known for such a short time but who has had a major impact on my life, in a fun way. You are one of the kindest and nicest people I know, and you’re probably blushing right now but it’s the truth. To spare you any more embarrassment I’ll start with your bio. Here’s what you said


“My name is Christian Otto and I’m a thirtyish guy from Germany. My friends often tell me that I tend to contradict myself or that I have a diverse personality. You see, I like drinking coffee as much as I enjoy a good cup of tea. Among my favorite musicians is Barbra Streisand as well as Björk. I love playing computer games and World of Warcraft in particular. It’s easy for me to spend hours in the game with my Gnome Magician and fight for right and honor. At the same time I love to do sports and to live a healthy lifestyle. So imagine me sitting at my computer playing WoW while eating fruits and drinking water. lol

 If I had to list the things that are important in my life or which I love to do, those would be family, friends, reading, books, sports, computers, computer games, gadgets, nature and men. No particular order here! g

 I have always been an avid reader. I discovered my love for m/m books and later gay comics in 2007. In 2008 I also started posting book reviews on different sites and became a reviewer for Rainbow Reviews. In the last months my reading spree has slowed a little bit but I’m still reading nearly exclusively M/M romance.

to be continued… ;)”


So now we know that men are last on the list of your interests.:)


Lake Starnberg near Munich

Lake Starnberg near Munich

When did you become so interested in technology?

 I guess I’ve always been interested in technology. My first PC was a commodore 64 back in the 80’s. I’ve worked with computers ever since and about 10 years ago it became part of my job.

What do you do in your day job and do you like what you do?

I’m working in the development department of a company, that develops software for financial institutions. I’m responsible for the development and optimization of domestic and worldwide monetary transactions. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? 😉 But I like my job, because almost every day I’m able to create something new, have to find a solution to a problem and have to rethink previously made decisions.

Ingrid has a question for you –
She wonders – How does a German bloke end up to be the Webmaster for a Canadian reviewer?

It just happened, didn’t it? One of your polls is among the first things I can remember about your blog. We came into talking, at some point you offered to publish some of my reviews and when I became aware of your idea to move to your own site, I offered to help you with this move. And in my opinion it never really mattered where I was located. Isn’t the internet a great thing? 😉

It seems a shame that you have worked so hard to make the website so beautiful when I keep wanting to add “stuff.” What do you really want to tell me when I come up with my stupid and outrageous suggestions and ideas?

Germany #6

Germany #6

 Really, that’s never a problem, Wave. In my job I have contact with stupid customers every day, so I learned my share. g (That was so mean.g I swear technology is the only area where I’m totally clueless.)

Ingrid is very nosy – she has another question for you
“Do you like to visit the Weihnachtmarkt?”
(Apparently she has been going there with friends for years and likes it very much because it gets her in the mood for Christmas with the deco and of course a few cups of gluhwein (mulled wine))

Yeah, I love the Weihnachtsmarkt. In December I visit several of them in different cities. I’ve already been to Weihnachtsmärkten in cities all over Germany. And I’ve also been to the Weihnachtsmarkt in Stockholm once. Ingrid is right about it getting one in the mood for Christmas with the deco and (especially) the gluhwein. 😉

I was just looking at your musical faves – you go from Barbra Streisand to Bjork? You actually like Bjork’s music and you have the nerve to talk about my musical tastes?

I really do like Bjork’s music but mostly the earlier albums. I think Homogenic is her best album and the cover of it is still one of my all-time favorites.

Bjork - Homogenic

Bjork - Homogenic

 Larissa was curious when you mentioned that you went to a Martina Mc Bride concert in London. She wants to know, Is it just this country singer you like or do you like more country bands?

It’s mostly Martina McBride I like and also Trisha Yearwood. But those two I really love. I also have the Greatest Hits album of Dolly Parton. Does that count, too? 😉

My question is, how was the concert? (you can gush if you want)g

The concert was great. She has such a great voice and the audience really loved her. The concert was at the O2 indigo, which is a smaller venue inside the O2 arena in London. That gave the concert an intimate feeling and I had a very good view at the stage. 🙂

How often do you play World of Warcraft online? WoW is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) but how can you play with thousands of other crazy fanatics at the same time and remain sane? What do you like most about the game outside of the fabulous graphics? The Burning Crusade looks awesome!

It depends. Some weeks I play it every day for some hours and some weeks I’m only playing it at the weekends. And there may be a lot of people logged in to the same server at the same time, but the world of WoW is so immense, that you seldom encounter larger groups outside of the bigger cities.
And you know, what I do most of the time in WoW is chatting. So a great part of what I like about the game is the social interactivity with others in the game. And then it’s simply a great game.

 What else do you want us to know about you? (“nothing” is not a good answer) g

christian's  kitchen #2

christian's kitchen #2

 I like to cook and I love to eat. 😉

Tell us what Christian does for fun? (This is not the sex question, that comes later) :DDD

Many things. Playing computer, going to the cinema, watching a DVD or simply going somewhere fun with friends.



This is the section where you can take all your clothes off and get into the hot tub with Sean Kennedy. You don’t like Sean? In that case how about Ethan Day? This tub is kept at a pretty high temperature but because it’s usually outside in the snow most people don’t seem to mind, especially if they’re drinking.g

On to a few more questions. What can you tell us about Christian that we don’t already know? Do you have any tats or piercings?

No piercings or tats. I always wanted to have a tattoo and I still do, but somehow I never came around to actually doing it. Other than that I’m quite a boring guy in that regard. g

What kind of man turns Christian on? I know that you like Luke Guldhan but there must be tons of others who ring your bell as well. 

Luke Guldhan

Luke Guldhan


 I think everybody already knows that I’m all for muscles and a clean, cut look. What really turns me on is a totally buff guy who still has something boyish about him.

What part of a man attracts you first? Is it his eyes, his pecs, his voice, what?

  It’s definitely his voice or let me say it otherwise, when the voice doesn’t fit the guy this can be a total turn-off for me. The voice of someone was always an important thing for me. Do you want to know which voice I think is totally erotic? And it’s not the voice of a guy. 😉 It’s the German voice of Scully from The X-Files. She could sell me anything anyday. 🙂

 Are you currently single?

 Yes, but it’s nothing I’m really sad about. I had my share in the past, I have a bunch of wonderful friends and I’m positive that someday I’ll meet my prince. 🙂

Can we see some pictures of your new apartment?


christian's living room #2
christian’s living room #2



christian's kitchen

christian's kitchen

christian's bedroom No.1

christian's bedroom No.1

 Do you like to watch? :DDD

 Hmm, if you’re speaking of watching porn then sure. g If you refer to watching two guys going at it, then I think no. I would prefer to be part of the action. gg

What do you do on a typical date (I know, I’m very nosy) 🙂

First dates are mostly cinema dates. I think that’s the perfect place for a date. If the date goes good you can enjoy the movie together and if it goes bad and you find that you don’t really know what to talk about with your date, you can pretend to be interested in the movie. 😉

christianWhat is your biggest vice and why can’t you quit it?

I think my biggest vice comes with my love for gadgets. I often bought a new gadget, because I simply had to have it, and then found that I didn’t really need it or soon afterwards there was an even better and cooler one available. But I think my friends and family love that about me, because they often get my “old” gadgets when I bought a new one. 😉

Thank you very much Christian and I hope we’re still friends.

Of course, Wave! Nothing can shock me after all the polls I had to answer on your blog. 😀

Christian Otto’s Contact Information

 More pictures of Germany

 christian Germany 2christian Germany 4

christian Germany 5 



I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


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