PsyCop: Property

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Title:  PsyCop: Property
Author:  Jordan Castillo Price
Genre: Paranormal M/M
Length:  novel (print)
Rating: 5 stars out of 5 

Victor Bayne sees dead people. Working homicide is a cinch for him, since the victims can finger their killers, and give the how, when and why of their own demises. So work is no big challenge. It’s the rest of Vic’s life that gives him problems. PsyCop: Property contains PsyCop stories 3 and 4 (Body & Soul, and Secrets).

In Body & Soul, Victor tracks down missing persons while his lover, Jacob, tries to find a home they can move into that’s not infested – with either cockroaches, or ghosts. A deceased junkie with a bone to pick leads Victor on a wild chase that ends in a basement full of horrors.

Secrets finds Victor and Jacob settling into their new home, but Victor finds the notion that Jacob’s been holding back on some pertinent information distinctly unsettling, to say the least. Jacob’s on a case that has him stretched to the breaking point, and Victor’s old partner Lisa needs him to help her work through an ethical psychic dilemma.

PsyCop Series

Body and Soul

Detective Victor Bayne is a member of the Paranormal Investigations team. He and his life partner Detective Jacob Marks are back in this third instalment of PsyCop.

Vic is visiting Jacob’s family in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving which is scary enough, and the family togetherness is wearing thin even before dinner. Lucky for Vic his boss calls him back to work in the nick of time to head up a missing persons’ investigation. During their return drive to Chicago Jacob again brings up the idea of the two of them moving in together and Vic agrees to go house-hunting despite his reservations.

In between trying to kick his drug habit so that he can function effectively at work, dealing with his new uptight PsyCop partner Zig, solving a serial murder case with no bodies, and finding a new place to live with no ghosts in residence, Vic is stressed out and his life is full to overflowing.

This story is extremely dark and eerie, with the trademark raunchy sex and weird sense of humor for which Jordan Castillo Price has become known. The hot sex between Vic and Jacob in the hallway outside Vic’s apartment, just after his session with one of his ghostly friends is mind blowing even before Jacob’s suggestion of a ménage with an old boyfriend. The book takes you on a roller coaster ride, and the chase scene, with a disembodied ghostly voice directing the action, is totally incredible – a terrific read that was hard to put down until the very last page.


The boys are back, fresh from their adventures in Body and Soul. Jacob  and Victor are moving in together at last. After being in a committed relationship for some time, they decided that it’s time to give shacking up a try and moving day is here. Vic wants to take all of his old crappy furniture with him and Jacob is negotiating as only he can – in bed. The action starts right away with the hottest sex this side of well …… anywhere.

In this new adventure Crash, Jacob’s ex, is putting the moves on Vic by trying to tempt him yet again to do the horizontal mambo and Vic has a hard time resisting the lure. He also has a major problem. He can’t find any trace on the Internet of Heliotrope Station, known fondly as Camp Hell where he had spent 2 years, nor can he locate any of the previous residents. In addition, there is no information about him anywhere – it’s as if he does not exist. No one will explain to him why this is and it’s driving him crazy to the point of believing that there is a huge conspiracy against him.

In the middle of Vic’s personal crisis Jacob has a new case to solve. A resident in Rosewood Court, an old folks’ home, claims she is being raped continuously but neither the staff, police nor the security cameras can detect any intruders. Is the resident lying? If not, how can this happen under the noses of everyone and the electronic surveillance system, without any clue as to the perpetrator’s identity? Is a ghost responsible for this dastardly deed?

In every PsyCop book there are considerable paranormal influences throughout since a major part of Vic’s job is tracking down dead people and getting them to ‘spill their guts’. This psychic skill has been of enormous help in capturing suspects in the past but is of no assistance apparently in this case which is getting weirder by the minute. In addition, Vic is suspicious of Jacob who seems to be hiding something and he can’t account for his whereabouts. Does Vic have any reason to be jealous?

Then Vic’s friend Lisa, a precog from Camp Hell, shows up for a visit. Before Vic can question her about the dearth of information regarding Camp Hell or his lack of a physical presence on the Internet, she is thrown into the fray by being asked to help Jacob and his psy partner with his current investigation.

As usual the story is very dark but it is filled with wonderful, bawdy, unbelievable sex between Vic and Jacob that seems to happen at every opportunity. I’m always surprised they find the time to do any police work. The ghosts for the most part don’t seem to mind cooperating with the police investigation but, like in real life, they all want something in return.

There are many characters in Secrets so you have to pay attention. If you’re new to this series my advice is to read the previous stories before Secrets, because this is not a standalone book since characters from the other books tend to wander through this latest episode.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Winn
    There are only 5 books so far with #6 on its way. I’m giving away today on the site a Psy:Cop print book – PsyCop: Property, which contains books 3 and 4 – you have a few hours before the window closes.

  • Oh, man! I’ve only read the first three! I’ve gotta get busy. I’m hooked on this series! Plenty of plot, nicely balanced with plenty of hot!

  • Did you mean September 1
    What? I can’t time travel to the past???

    Yes, 9/1, exactly.

    I can’t imagine how to pimp my JCP Books site other than the way I’m doing it now (newsletter, yahoogroups, link from my author site, twitter, myspace, LJ). Suggestions are welcome!

    Pimp: visit for the PsyCop ebooks, available in PDF, mobi, lit and html!

    (There is my attempt at additional pimpage!)

  • Great update Jordan. I would be disappointed not to be able to purchase a print copy of Oblivion eventually. I think you need to pimp your JCPbooks site more because many readers don’t know about it. As a matter of fact I added it to my list of publishers a couple of weeks ago.

    “I haven’t really pimped the Morpheus paperback yet because I needed to tweak some stuff that won’t take effect until after August 1” Did you mean September 1, not August 1?

    Looking forward to book 6 in PsyCop and book 5 in Oblivion.*g*

  • Hi Diane! Hi Wave!
    Sweet Oblivion was actually planned as a 5-story arc. (Shocking, me planning something.) I think I have a third Bill/Michael novel in my head, but I don’t see it in my schedule to write it within the next half year, so I’ll have to let it simmer.

    I do try to make character development the key reason to have a sex scene…though sometimes plot sneaks in too, like when Vic hides his phone in the fridge and nearly gets caught.

    I’ll need to see how Morpheus does in print before I decide how to do Oblivion. I used a different printer than I did with Camp Hell in hopes of having better distribution. Whether that actually happens, or 99% of my readers are really only buying from Amazon anyhow, remains to be seen.

    I’m figuring out a lot by the seat of my pants with my publishing company, JCP Books. I haven’t really pimped the Morpheus paperback yet because I needed to tweak some stuff that won’t take effect until after August 1. Good thing I like learning stuff. I feel like I doubled the amount of wrinkles in my brain this year.

  • Hi Diane
    Another fan of the series.:) Jordan does have a way with her sex scenes, doesn’t she? However, it’s never just about sex but, as you said, there’s usually some vulnerability that one of the characters exposes during the act. I love them both.

    We do have to expect that Wild Bill’s and Michael’s adventure will come to an end some time soon – after all, Swarm is book 4 and most series go to 5 books and then hang up their skates. *g*

  • I don’t want to think of Michael and Wild Bill’s story in “Sweet Oblivion” coming to a close, but I am sure it will end with a bang! 🙂

    And speaking of… the scene with Vic and Jacob in the hallway outside Vic’s apartment in “Body and Soul” is my favorite scene in the series. I was so impressed by how it exposed the depths of BOTH character’s devotion AND insecurities.

    Vic is a neurotic mess and that what makes him endearing, but Jacob could have easily fallen into the tedious “perfect man” void (so handsome, so successful, so blindly devoted to the protagonist *eyes roll*), but scenes like that break the mold and make the central relationship strong enough to anchor readers that may normally get scared off my blood, guts and ghosts. And the scene is hot as HELL!

  • Jordan
    I appreciate you stopping by because I know how busy you are. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Vic and Jacob and the story arc when you’re here in October as well as Wild Bill and Michael my other favourite JCP couple. Will Sweet Oblivion be coming out as a print book as well when you finish the series?

  • Hey all, thanks so much for stopping by to comment!
    Ingrid: you’ve been promising to read Camp Hell for weeks now — what can I do to twist your arm? 😉
    Tam & Wren: Thank you so much for loving the cover. This is the only one I’ve had a complaint about. In the end I decided that if the reader was embarrassed, that’s what protective book cover jackets are for. But I did think about it a long time.
    Karen: Obviously another arm-twister. Seriously, though, I’m intrigued by the “Heard about it, didn’t try it” camp because I’d love to know how to convert them.
    Gaye: But I WANT to be a horror writer when I grow up! 😀
    Val: You’d be surprised how crazy people get about sports around here. Me — I don’t really get it. And I don’t see Vic getting it either. He spent too much time in institutions to care about what guys in different colored uniforms do to a football. (Jacob probably gets it. He’s got that uber-male thing going on.)
    Wave: I might know a little about book 6 by then! I think it was something like 15% written the last time I checked. I took time off to focus on finishing up the Wild Bill/Michael roller coaster and once I’m done with that I’ll have all kinds of time. (yeah, right!)


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