Love is Scary

LISTitle: Love is Scary
Author: Cheryl Dragon
Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: short story (45 pages)
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5


Ryan’s brain child of an adults only haunted house with club attached is big risk…he needs Wes’s genius to make it real. But when the men meet, it goes way beyond business.

Off relationships, Wes can’t handle another high maintenance man half in the closet. Ryan has so much in his work life that sex only sounds good to him. When passion overflows into their common goals, love has a way of sneaking through.


Ryan has a plan to build an adults-only haunted house with an attached bar and club in Las Vegas but he needs the expertise of someone who has experience in constructing such a facility, and the man for the job is Wes. Ryan had seen a similar facility that Wes had built in California and he was really impressed, so they had been emailing each other for months to discuss his plans and became friends during that time. When Wes shows up in Vegas Ryan hires him and his crew to to do the job. Ryan is attracted to Wes but having been burned before he is not about to jeopardise his project with a little action on the side.  Wes also likes Ryan but had had previous relationships that tanked and at this point he is happy just to get the job, because opportunities for similar work in New Orleans were severely limited and involved mostly demolitions, not design and construction. Before long they both decide that their attraction to each other was too great to ignore but agree that it would be a no strings, sex only affair.

Ryan who is from Tennessee in the bible belt of the US is in the closet at work, so having a no strings affair with Wes was exactly the way he wanted his sex. Unfortunately emotions get in the way and there are conflicts between work, the project and Wes and eventually they force Ryan to make a tough choice, but then matters are taken out of his hands when he’s fired, leading to pressures and stresses between him and Wes. Will he realize that he still has the best thing in life – love?

Cheryl Dragon put a lot of thought and creativity into coming up with this unusual concept for the plot, and throughout the book it’s clear that her attention to detail makes the project seem viable even in RL. The book is fun and short – just what you need for a Sunday afternoon. Ryan and Wes are so hot that they made the pages of the book smoke, and the toys – WoW!! Both protagonists were well drawn and the minor characters in the book worked well especially Kelly, Wes’s right hand woman on the job and I liked her a lot – maybe this is a trend.:)

I think you will enjoy Love is Scary because the plot is quite different and fresh, the sex is erotic, and the characters ring true. Definitely reommended!


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