Dragon*Con – September 4 – 6

dragonDragon*Con 2009, the largest multi media pop culture convention for sci fi, fantasy, gaming, comics, music and film will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re interested in the program for this year here’s the link

Ally Blue, author and friend of the website will be on this panel:


Exploring the Final Taboo

Authors of same-sex romance, including sci-fi and fantasy, answer reader and writers’ questions about the genre. Panelists: Kayelle Allen, Kiernan Kelly, Ally Blue, Sascha Illyvich, and Fiona Zedde.
Saturday, 10 p.m., Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong room at the Hyatt.
There will be door prizes, including print books and download codes for ebooks!


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  • Well Poopie ;( We were supposed to go back home to Atlanta this weekend. A while back even discussed DragCon with friends still in the area but $, long drive from NC, & holiday weekend led us to stay home. It did not even occur to me I could meet some of the m/m authors I read like Ally. I might have pushed a little harder. We gave up our pre-season ATL Falcons Tickets to friends (U.S.A. ProFootball Team -not soccer, and no Aussie rules either.) I could have used that as leverage to remind my dear hubby, “We paid for those season tickets. We might as well go on and see at least 1 preseason game. Oh, and while we are there lets… 😉

  • Oh, awesome!! I’ll have to come find you, Angelia 😀

    Tam, you totally caught me, LOL. I shall indeed be indulging in Draco-shalking *g*

    Wave, thank you so so much for posting this, you are awesome!!!
    **sends manwhores with chocolate and booze**

    And now, I am off to Atlanta 😀 Hope to see Angelia and some more of y’all there!!

  • I’m at Dragon*Con today. Good luck getting into the Hyatt on Saturday night! I’ll go if I can get through the crowds!

    If you’re here track me down! I’m in the exhibitor’s hall in the Marquis room with Kerlak Publishing and I’m on the “Almost High Noon: Steampunk and the weird west” panel tomorrow at 11:30 in the Hyatt Piedmont room.

    No, you can’t get a copy of CURSE OF THE PHARAOH’ MANICURISTS yet, but you can get dozens of other books, including a rare, non-erotic outing in Kerlak’s DRAGONS COMPOSED.

    • Angelia

      Have a great time at the Con.

      For those readers looking for a copy of Curse of the Pharaoh’s Manicurists, tell them to log on here because it’s the Amber Allure free book for the entire weekend! *g*


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