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Hi Tere and welcome. I believe this is the first time you’ll be profiled so I’ll go easy on you.:)

Why don’t you start by telling us something about Tere Michaels the author and the person?Theresa

I am a Jersey girl, born and raised. I’m married, have a wonderful son, three cats, a hamster and about a hundred fish – it’s a slightly crowded extremely happy household to say the least. My family is very supportive of my writing; my husband even gave up the spare bedroom (his “CD” room) to make me an office. A very pink office, to be precise. I have a “day job” so most of my writing is done on the laptop while I’m in bed, late at night. It’s my quiet time.

I’ve been writing pretty much my entire life; whether I got paid or even recognized for it was never an issue to be honest. If I never made a cent off of it, I would write. In the past I’ve been a features writer for a major magazine and also freelanced for awhile. It was nice – to be paid, to see my name in print – but my real passion has always been fiction. When people say “how do you get ideas?” I always say – getting them is not the problem. Writing them all down is the problem!

Faith&Fidelity_coverlgYour first book, Faith & Fidelity, was quite a success. Can you give us some of the background to this book and how it all started? Was this the first time you attempted to write a novel?

About ten years ago I had been on a bit of a hiatus from writing due to a bad novel workshop I’d experienced. (I was told my stuff was too commercial…and that was bad. LOL). So I took a break. Abandoned the novel I was writing, unfortunately. Then, while home at the end of my pregnancy – and following the birth of my son – I got pulled back into it. Not thinking about writing for publication, just writing for myself and other friends on the Internet. F&F came out of a dream I had about me dying and leaving my husband and baby alone. It got me thinking, percolating and then the story was born.

Overall it took me about eight years to finish!  But the initial idea, the start of the project is what jumpstarted me writing again. It was my spark. But then again it started me off again, writing and sharing and pushing myself as a writer more and more. I completed many, many pieces between the start and finish, worked professionally at a magazine and finally came back to this story and finished it.

I have to shout out to my friend Linda on that one; she never stopped asking me when I was going to finish F&F so you can all thank her!

Now that you are a seasoned pro of two books, what is it like? Is it as fun as you thought it would be? Love & Loyalty has just been released. what do you most wish for this book?

It is fun. It’s literally a dream come true for me. And Googling yourself is awesome. LOL OK, it’s awesome when people are saying nice things about you. I have been so very fortunate with the warm welcome I’ve received in publishing. Loose Id is a tremendous place to work and the reviews, blog entries, emails, notes, and posts are really what carried Faith & Fidelity to its success.

What I honestly hope for Love & Loyalty is that it provides the same level of entertainment to people. That it makes them happy. Because at the end of the day,Love&Loyalty_coverlg that’s what matters. That the readers are pleased and smiling when the last page is read.

What can you tell us about your next book which I believe is the sequel to Faith & Fidelity? Your fans are anxiously waiting for its release. When do you think that will be?

Yes, it’s a direct sequel to F&F, continuing the journey of Matt and Evan as a couple, as a family. Things, in my opinion, get really interesting after the “happily ever after”. Falling in love is sometimes the easy part…then you have to live with each other. LOL There will be some old faces (from the first novel) and newer folks (from the second) and a new character I’m bonkers about. Which clearly means the potential for a fourth novel is rattling around in my brain!

The book is almost halfway done so I’m looking to hand it in by the end of the year.

Thank you Tere.

 Thank you for this opportunity and the wonderful reviews!

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I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


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