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books in flamesI am pleased to welcome Val Kovalin as a reviewer on the website. Val will also contribute occasional posts on M/M topics that intrigue and confound her and you have already seen her post on Orgasmic Description last week.

Val has been reviewing for about three years.  She reads across most fiction and nonfiction genres, but likes m/m fiction best. Visit her Obsidian Bookshelf blog (see link below) for reviews and advice on reading and writing topics in the m/m genre. Val is also the GBLT Romance Columnist for Wildfire, the All Romance ebooks newsletter. Beginning  this month Wildfire will feature 5 rotating columns where staff members will choose their one Top Pick and 4 Recommended Reads from among the site’s new releases. Val will choose the GBLT selections.

Val’s first review is already on the website and I’m sure she would welcome your comments. images 3



I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Whoo, late to the party again 😀
    Congratulations, Val! I think your reviews and Wave’s blog will be a great fit. I find this blog’s reviews to be more analytical than those at many romance review sites, which is also how I think of your approach!
    couldn’t resist

  • I just requested to be removed from 54 newsletters. (Yes, I actually counted.) “Wildfire” is actually one of only a handful I kept. It is the only newsletter that I will at least skim if not actually read with any consistency. The irony is that I rarely buy from ARE. I am a rabid Fictionwise buyer. I like ARE & have bought from them, but FW is my “true love” (How I love thee let me count the ways…) So you see, those of you involved with the newsletter must be doing something right. Not only will I will read it, but you keep ARE on my mind for when I am willing to “cheat” ;o)

    • Oh, wow, Cathleen, 54 newsletters, and you kept Wildfire! That’s outstanding. I’m so glad to hear it. We will definitely strive to keep up the good work. Thanks so much for letting me know!

    • Cathleen,

      It was really nice to hear you’re keeping up with our newsletter and are enjoying the changes. Our goal has been to make the Wildfire about more than our new releases. We’re also working to provide our readers with content that is both interesting and entertaining. Reader loyalty and feedback is hugely important to us, so the fact that our newsletter survived your spring-cleaning was very satisfying. We strive to provide our customer’s with a fabulous shopping experience, not just to meet expectations but also to exceed them. Although praise and compliments are always welcome, we additionally want to hear about ways in which we fall short so we can continue to grow and improve.

      You can email me any time, my address is below.

      Lori James
      Chief Operating Officer
      All Romance eBooks. LLC

    • K.Z.
      I was thinking of doing a duelling review with Jen of Bastards and Pretty Boys so that you can start off right away with your two reviews for this book.:) Alternatively Kassa could do the review with Jen. What do you think?


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