The Next Big Thing

Band Wagon

Band Wagon

There’s always a bandwagon coming along – some of which you can see trundling along in the distance – some of which are upon you so swiftly that they almost mow you down and you wonder how on EARTH the second and third and fourth books to leap upon the juggernauts as they rumble past are out of quickly.

If we could create the next bandwagon it would be great wouldn’t it?  We always hear about star quality – that certain something that would be worth millions if it could be bottled, and it’s the same with books.  Who knows what New Thing will be along and capture the readers’ imagination?  Sometimes of course, the publishers get it horribly wrong, over-hype the wrong book (like Shadowmancer by G P Taylor)–and sometimes publishers will reject the wrong thing which then goes on to make millions –so all in all it’s very much a lottery, because who knows what the public is going to like?

I’ve noticed bandwagon jumping in our genre too, people jumping into it without actually knowing what it’s really about, and it shows, every time.  I’ve also noticed some bandwagon jumping onto other subgenres such as GLBT YA and Historical.  I suppose it is always going to happen.  But I think it’s always sensible to write what you know, and what you LOVE.

I watched a programme recently about Mills and Boon Harlequin and one of their major editors said that, yes, they did get a lot of people leaping in thinking that it’s “easy” and “anyone can write one” – but they said that it was easy to tell these people, as they wrote what they thought people wanted, rather than to write from the heart.



It’s the same with these horror-classics, whatever the correct genre term is–no sooner did “Pride and Prejudice with Zombies” hit the shelf than it was immediately followed by several more of the same ilk. How did they all chase the success so far? (and WHY??? But that’s another rant entirely)

I suppose we are stuck with the band wagon jumpers, but at least usually we can spot them, especially with m/m, as it’s not as easy as people seem to think.

So – just for a bit of fun – here’s my prediction for a few of the Next Big Things that are bound to hit the bookshelves in 2010.

20,000 leagues under the sea with Elizabeth Bennet.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth with Emma

War and Peace with homosexuals

The Vampire Dairies (the moosical)

Any predictions from you?  Serious or otherwise?


  • LOL Tam, I can’t believe you remember my little zombie tale! That was a fun one *g* And yeah, it’s still on my website if anyone wants a little zombie lovin’, heh.


    Me, I could totally go for more zombie stories, with or without romance. I love me some zombies, y’all. OMG, my boy-child has some game demo with space zombies that freaks me the fuck out. I covered my eyes and squealed like a total girl the first time he got gutted and beheaded by one. Told it to stop killing my baby. He laughed at me, the rat <_<


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