Tempestuous Relations

Tempestuous Relations by Amanda Young 200x300Title: Tempestuous Relations
Author: Amanda Young
Publisher: eXcessica
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: short story (43 pages)
Rating: 3.75 out of 5


Dominic Mackenzie isn’t too proud to take advantage of the local gloryhole. As far as he’s concerned, there’s nothing better than a warm, wet mouth without any strings attached. It’s only by accident that he discovers the shocking identity of the man on his knees. Once the secret’s out, then all bets are off.


Dom drove to the rest stop knowing full well what awaited him once he entered the men’s washroom. He had been coming here every week for the past couple of months for anonymous hookups since he had heard his brother talking to his friends about what happened there, and he couldn’t wait to get his rocks off. As usual he entered the last stall and didn’t have long to wait for the action to begin. The man on the other side of the wall was eager to please, and please he did. The sex was smoking and Don was as happy as a clam, until he peeked through the hole when he was finished and saw a very familiar face staring back at him. To say he was shocked was an understatement. He was devastated when he realized that the man who pleasured him was his best friend and twin Mason.

Dom and Mason had always been very close. Their father had been abusive and their mother had deserted them when they were children so they depended on each other because it was them against the world. This new situation threatened to drive a wedge between them that could separate them forever. When Don demanded answers Mason refused to respond and it wasn’t until much later that Mason told him why he was hanging out in a public restroom giving blow jobs to strangers. Dom was horrified at the reason but he knew he would lose his brother if they couldn’t resolve this issue.

Because of its length the story could not and did not address the whole moral and societal issue of twincest except indirectly. Obviously this is a huge and touchy topic that squicks many people and probably a book about getting your rocks off is not really the place for such a wide ranging discussion.:) Authors have to walk a fine line between not glorifying such relationships, giving readers a hot romance between brothers, and moralizing about the issue. Tempestuous Relations concentrated on the sexual and emotional relationship between Dom and Mason and the differing viewpoints of the two brothers on their new role as lovers. Dom was in the closet about his feelings although he was just as hot for his brother and  tried to reason with Mason to get him to change his mind, but didn’t try very hard; he gave in pretty quickly without much of a fight.

This story is very short so I don’t want to write a review that’s as long as the book but I thought the plot lacked depth because there wasn’t much of a story beyond the twincest angle. However, this is a tough topic to write about so perhaps Amanda Young did the right thing in not complicating the story further by introducing sub plots. Of the two brothers, IMO Mason was the more sympathetic and three dimensional character because his emotions were clearly evident, while Dom was not as well drawn. The pacing was pretty fast as would be expected in a story that took place within 24 hours between when Dom discovered the identity of the mystery person who was there every Friday for 2 months to pleasure him, and the resolution of the relationship. The sex in the book was smoking hot with no holds barred and there was lots of it!

One thing that grossed me out in the book is the fact that Dom put his ball cap on the floor of a public restroom which was not the cleanest and “smelled like piss.” Also, even though I know that going to a gloryhole is a practice of a few gay men, I find it difficult to understand how a man could put his mouth and tongue through a hole in a filthy toilet to suck off another man, without thinking of contamination, germs and disease. However this comes back to the issue of different strokes for different folks and not ascribing value judgments on others.

I enjoyed Tempestuous Relations for what it was, a fun read about a topic that I perve on to my everlasting shame as I try not to consider all the implications of twincest relationships. I think what saved the story for me was the fact that Amanda Young is a pretty good writer and she showed a lot of bravery in tackling such a taboo subject with a couple of sympathetic characters.

Tempestuous Relations is about twincest and may be offensive to some readers.


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  • Elyane, Do share which one you read. I think I know, because you said it was the “end” of a series (as was my 1st twincest book). Either way, I just want to make sure I haven’t missed one out there.

  • Elyane

    I think you will like the book – I certainly did. Just don’t go into the toilet.:DDD (of course the toilet is part of the “ambiance” of the story)*g*


    Let me know how you like the story.

    • Wow, sounds totally shocking! I don’t mean the twincest to us readers so much as I mean Mason looking through the hole and recognizing his twin brother! What a hugely bizarre moment for him.

  • I read my first book dealing with twincest yesterday . After reading a couple reviews and comments about the subject I decided to give it a try. The fact that the book was part of a series and I wanted to know the end helped too. 😉
    I have to say that I was surprised that it didn’t gross me out like I thought it would.
    I read a few of Amanda’s books and after reading your review I will definitely give it a try.

  • Jen
    I liked Dom but what got me was how quickly he shed his clothes – he goes from horror to let’s get it on in just a few minutes. I thought, whoa, guy, didn’t you just say no no, no – very bad idea and now here you are flashing the goods?:) Mason, on the other hand, is totally upfront. He knows what he wants and he goes after it without a thought about the consequences. Talk about focus!!


    Of course I don’t expect a book like this to deal with the myriad issues surrounding twincest because then there would be no fun reading about the hot, smokin’ sex and we’d all be in therapy, especially someone like me who perves on this stuff. I’m just hoping I’ll get some recs. of books on twincest that I haven’t read. I think I’ve read the entire repertoire from TQ which seems to like the topic.

  • Thanks for reviewing Tempestuous Relations, Wave. I completely understand where you were coming from with the review. Since this was my first time writing in this niche, I really wanted to keep things short and hot. I may write something longer and more fleshed out about twins in the future, but that’s probably going to be a long way off. 🙂

    • Amanda
      I really liked the story and, as I said in the review, it’s my perv that I admit with shame and will seek counselling for as soon as there is a form of AA for twincest pervs.


      I think you did a good job and I didn’t expect that you would touch on other aspects of this subject, given the length of the story. I loved the guys and Mason was my favourite because he was so vulnerable.


      *off to check out a few other books on this topic* 🙂

  • “I just set aside my urge to reach for the rubber gloves and bleach.”
    I’m pretty sure that’s a whole kink unto itself Jen. 😛

  • Great review, Wave. I’ve just read this too and I felt you made a pretty fair assessment of it. You are right in saying that there wasn’t enough page time to deal with anything other than the initial situation, the confrontation and then the resolution so there isn’t enough space within those constraints to deal with the more serious societal issue surrounding the twincest. There are twincest books out there that do deal better with that side of things but I was happy to see this as it was – a short story dealing with beginnings of such a relationship.
    Having said that I enjoyed reading the story, the sex was smoking hot and I liked how Dom runs through the whole gamut of emotions in the short time frame of the story. In some ways I thought he was the better developed of the pair because all we really get from Mason is that he has loved Dom forever.
    As for the bathroom thing. Well, yes I’m always a bit grossed out by sex scenes in bathrooms, but it happens all the time in m/m so I just set aside my urge to reach for the rubber gloves and bleach :).

  • Hi Tam
    There definitely are many issues in twincest and an author can’t cover them in one short book, which is what I hope I explained clearly in the review.

    The ballcap was on the floor? I think it was to set him up for looking through the hole.:) I did enjoy the story.

  • Wow, its a twincest festival. Maybe that’s the next big thing. 🙂 I think with some books, especially if they are short you just have to stick with a few points and run with it. You can’t cover every conceivable factor and twincest has LOTS of factors if you get into the moral/societal/etc. issues. Why didn’t he leave his ballcap on his head? And while there’s no way I’d be putting MY mouth anywhere near a truck stop bathroom, as you said, different strokes. I like Amanda’s writing and this will be an additional book to add to my “research” on twins. 😉


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