New feature: Comment subscriptions by email

Hey everyone. Mary M. suggested having a possibility to be notified of subsequent comment entries for a post and I found a plugin which seems to be the perfect solution for this. When you’re leaving a comment on a post there now is a subscribe checkbox. Tick this checkbox and you’ll get an email whenever a subsequent comment is left on the post.


But you can also subscribe to be notified of comments for this post without leaving a comment yourself. Just enter your email-adress in the field below and click on “Subscribe”.


In the email or in the post itself you’ll afterwards find a link to your personal “Subscription Manager” where you can manage your subscriptions and even change the email-adress for your subscriptions.


I hope everyone has fun with this new feature. 😀


  • Yaaaaaay!!!! Christian is an internet god 😀 I love being able to count on that feature, it’s the easiest way I know to keep track of the posts you’re interested in from anywhere on the planet :). I did try to understand the RSS feed thing but it was giving me a headache. Lol. Thank you!!

    P.S. I spent 10 minutes trying to write my comment in the first box at the top of this page, the one with “testing, testing” in it, and confused as hell when it brought me to another page with only that box in it, and why the hell was it telling me I was logged in as Admin? God, I’m such a dork. And I can’t even blame exhaustion, I slept 12 hours last night and just had a 2-hour nap. *headdesk*

  • Christian
    Although I thanked you by email I wanted to do it here as well. You are definitely a treasure and no one had better get ideas about stealing you away (unless he is hunk).:)

    Can you tweak me too please?:DDD

    • Wave had asked me about such a feature a long time ago, but I couldn’t find a plugin to do such a thing in a nice and neat way. Then I forgot about it until Mary reminded me of it again with her suggestion. 🙂


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