Dropping Quarters

dropping quartersTitle: Dropping Quarters
Author: Addison Albright
Publisher: Lulu
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: short story (13 pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Luke’s looking for love in all the wrong places. When he meets Cato at an adult video arcade, then again at his softball league game, Luke figures they might have something in common. Can Luke convince Cato that there’s more to him than meets the eye?


Luke had just broken up with his last guy and he hasn’t been able to find someone else that he likes. While waiting for Mr. Right, his only sexual relief is his hand and the adult arcade where he inserts quarters to watch porn and get off. As he pulled out the roll of quarters which would allow him to watch the latest show he thought it was really funny that the management of the “establishment” had a sign that said “no masturbation”. The cubicles were so close together he could hear the man in the next cubicle moaning.g When his business is finished,  as Luke is leaving, the man in the other cubicle opens his door and smacks him in the forehead. Luke reassures him that he’s fine but wonders why he looks so familiar. The next night he realized why – the hot looking man is a pitcher for an opposing softball team.

This was a cute short story with surprisingly, a plot, although not a complex one, and two really well drawn protagonists. There was actually a lot to the story and the guys had a wonderful time together, especially at the game. Luke’s team had the same name as my Major League Baseball team so I had fun with that, even though they never won a game against Cato’s team. The dialogue was good and the guys had more than sex going for them. There was sex, and it was hot, but Addison Albright created a story that was a little more….

You’ll enjoy Dropping Quarters whether or not you like sports, because Luke and Cato are really appealing characters.

Definitely recommended, and you can’t go wrong for $0.99


  • Kassa
    Baseball is my #1 sport, but as I told Tam that’s not the only reason I liked this little story. I think you’ll enjoy Luke and Cato.

  • Hi Wave! 🙂 Wow, thanks for the review. I was surprised when I saw it pop up on my Google Reader feed. I’m glad you liked this little story, it was one of my favorite shorts.

    Thanks Tam–Heh, yeah, not much in the way of angst in my stories, is there? I guess I just like stories about everyday people in situations that average people can relate to. That’s probably why most of my stories are short stories. It’s easier to make a little slice of life how-we-met story, or tell about an interesting little development in an established couple’s relationship. A novel’s worth needs more drama, and there’s only so much to do with that without making the events more extraordinary.

    Chris, psst…it’s “her” not “his” 😉 and thanks! If you do pick some up I hope you enjoy them. BTW, the 3 shorts I currently have up at Lulu and Smashwords are also available bundled together for even less than they can be purchased separately.

    • Addison
      I quite liked this story and it had nothing to do with Tam and her dirty mind! There was an actual plot and the two guys were fun together. I really liked the first scene.g
      I didn’t know that the books were bundled. Anyway I already bought and read Born to be Wild, so in between my other heavy reading, the review might just pop up on the site.:)

      What’s the other book?

        • Thanks, Tam. 🙂 The Born to Be Wild characters are the youngest I’ve ever used in a story and I couldn’t quite make myself let it get too erotic. So I made the scene fun, and the guys got off although their clothes didn’t, hehe.

      • Wave, Thanks! I had some fun with that opening scene, LOL. 🙂 You were probably surprised there was any plot to the story after than opener, eh?

        The 3rd short story currently up at those sites is “King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate.” It was previously published (and still available) in the “Like Magnets, We Attract” anthology, published by eXcessica and edited by Jaye Valentine. I’m simply offering it as a stand-alone short story now, and it’s also included together with “Born to Be Wild” and “Dropping Quarters” in a little mini-collection of shorts titled “Some Like It Hot.”

  • Tam
    It’s really a good story and it’s softball not baseball.g I didn’t like the story just because there was a sport theme, I’ll have you know.

    Anyway for $0.99 you can’t go wrong.

    • Meh. Same thing. Small round balls, a long
      stick. Ooooooooh, suddenly your fascination is all clear to me now. Uh huh, I get it. 😉

  • Ahh, Baseball + Wave = Match Made in Heaven 🙂
    I really like this author’s work. It’s not always a huge plot with murders and mysteries and angst but the characters are likable and you want them to get their HEA together. I’m sure I’ll be checking it out.


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