PullTitle: Pull
Author: Bryl R. Tyne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Short story
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Nineteen years old, disowned, and stripped of family funds, Chaz Miller is just trying to survive. It’s a good thing he’s got skills—his cocksucking will come in a handy when he lands a noteworthy and steady john. But after being busted, Chaz finds an unexpected benefactor in Vice Detective Chris Conley, who gets him into a prostitute rehabilitation program. Now Chaz needs to redeem himself… so he can find a permanent place in Chris’s arms


Chaz had to do despicable things to survive after he had been kicked out by his family for being gay. He could not afford to go to school anymore so he took to the streets and a life as a hooker in order to eat. He lived in a cardboard box and $10 tricks were the only way out for him. He couldn’t find a job because he had no bathroom facilities to make himself look presentable for an interview and no telephone for call backs. Then he found the perfect customer in between all the other men he serviced – someone who came by regularly to avail himself of Chaz’s services, who was not only good looking, but clean, and also paid double the going rate.

What Chaz didn’t know until one fateful day was that his customer is Vice Detective Chris Conley! Chaz was furious when he found out and thought he had been betrayed because Chris gave him up when all the other hookers were arrested,  but Chris turned out to be Chaz’s benefactor.

I liked this story because although Chris helped himself to Chaz, he also wanted to give him an opportunity at a better life, and the author built up the connection between the two protagonists to show that maybe there could be a future for them together. The pace was fast and non-stop and the characters were appealing. Obviously, given Chaz’s “career,” he was very experienced in giving pleasure so the action was hot and frequent and he clearly loved his job.

I enjoyed this story immensely and I think you will too. If you’re looking for a very short, hot story with well defined, three dimensional characters, Pull by Bryl R. Tyne should be on your To Buy list. Definitely recommended.


  • I bought a kindle in april, and as a reading device, it is unsurpassed. The improvements from the first generation, particularly the more stylish exterior put it well above the Sony reader. The biggest reason to own a kindle has to be the massive library of downloadable books. 275,000, and growing every week. I’ve read some reviews where the users are irritated over certain aspects, and most seem to me to be no reason not to own a kindle. The lack of an external port for flash cards may seem a huge loss for some, but I ( who will have to replace a library of about 350 books) see no reason to complain, since internal memory leaves room for over a thousand titles. The only thing I wish was that the kindle had been made six years ago. I am a former Marine who deployed to Iraq in 2003 and 2004-05, and both trips I must have packed 30 pounds of books in my seabag, and those only lasted a few weeks! With the kindle I could have had all my books in a 10 oz. package. I am planning on going back out to Iraq as a contractor to work on predator drones later this year, and am so relieved that I’ll be able to take my library with me. When you live a life of constant travel, portability is everything, and nothing supports a bibliophile like myself more than my kindle.

    • Hi Lawrence
      Thanks so much for your endorsement of the Kindle because I just bought one and am awaiting delivery. I have never owned an ereader before – I read all of my books on my computer – so this will be a new experience for me.

      Like you, I carry around a lot of books whenever I travel and most of the time they are a lot heavier than anything else in my bags. When I went to Australia a few years ago I had so many books and magazines I had to pay overweight.

      Be safe in Iraq. From what I hear, it’s still very much a work in progress and probably be for decades. I hope you will be able to log on to the site while you’re away. 😀


      Have a happy Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.


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