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sexyolderman1As many of you know, I publish a list of hunks every Friday for your ultimate enjoyment. However there is a trend, which I’m sure you have noticed, of very young, waxed, Caucasian guys because most of the sites that I frequent don’t carry a large variety of models. So I would like to appeal to you, the readers, to provide me with high resolution hunks in the following categories –
*Older models
*Hunks with hair on their chests
*Ethnic models
*Tattooed hunks

Variety in the poses would be nice but no full frontal please, since I won’t be able to publish them, although I could keep them in my personal stash.*g* Larger, rather than smaller pictures would be ideal as I can always reduce them, but if I attempt to make them larger the resolution gets blurred.

Please don’t send me pictures of your friends, brothers, pastor, next door neighbour etc. unless you have their permission. There was afarhad5 situation recently where one eager blogger committed this heinous crime and had to ‘fess up when the picture appeared and was recognised by another blogger.:D I don’t need to say it but I feel I must – the guys should be attractive. Even though I have asked for older models the cut off should be 60 years of age unless it’s a picture of Sean Connery. Thanks guys! Here are a few pictures to get you motivated.


AA3asian fighter









beatiful hug


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  • It’s okay. It was funny, in retrospect. LOL I won’t send you my pic of my friend Josh in boxers. Very very nice picture (despite how we tease him about his farmer’s tan) but I don’t want to get myself in trouble again. LOL

  • Huh, I was on some website that had a thing about men with chest hair. I remember thinking “Jenre would like this” LOL but I’m not sure I’ll be able to find it again. I’ll keep an eye out for something different. I might have something stashed away that fits some of those criteria.
    He thought it was funny, honest. LOL *blush*

    • So why didn’t you send me the link, huh? That way I would’ve been happy and we would have been able to pass the url to Wave for lots of yummy pics of hairy guys. 🙂

      • I know Jen, I know. I was this close )( to sending it and for some reason didn’t. I might be able to track it down. I am trying to go backwards in my mind to where I found it first off because it wasn’t the reason I was on the site.


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