Uncover Paul Richmond …… literally

Since we had such a good time a few days ago on the Cover Art post I thought you would be ready to show your artistic side.

paul richmond Uncovered Contest2Paul Richmond, the cover artist who did that incredible cover for Dash and Dingo as well as many others has a dilemma. He wants to release one of his most recent cover illustrations as a limited-edition giclee print but he can’t decide which one. Decisions! Decisions! So he’s looking for help from you bloggers by asking you to vote on which one you think has the most merit. He’s calling the competition “Uncovered.” (I’m not sure if he’ll let you completely uncover his body but you can try) 😀

 The winner receives the first print in the series, plus the corresponding book. Above is an image that he’s using to promote the contest, and here’s a link to his website where you will find more details: http://paulrichmonduncovered.blogspot.com.

I think this is a great opportunity for you to have some fun as well as win a limited edition print and a free book.


Here are the covers:

 Paul RichmondThe Hired ManPaul Richmond Veiled Security









Paul Richmonmd Patient Eyes









You should check out Paul’s site for better renditions of the prints than can be shown here.

Good luck!


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  • That was a very hard choice. My favorite by far is Hired Man – grabbed my attention from the second I saw that cover on the DSP site, such detail and a sense of intimacy and warmth – but I felt Patient Eyes was more suited for becoming an art print. Hired Man felt more… book-specific. So I went for Patient Eyes. I’d have loved a print copy of Hired Man, but it’s not like I’m not going to buy it anyway :-D.

  • The Hired Man. I love its understated sensuality. But really, I agree with George Allwynn about the aura of love around each couple. That’s freakin’ hard to capture graphically. (Hell, it’s hard to capture verbally!)
    Lovely work, Paul. Your ass and legs ain’t too bad, either.

  • I SERIOUSLY am in love with Paul’s work. The passion he possesses for his craft bleeds over into his creations. When you look at one of his covers, you can feel the love between the men. It’s there in their eyes, their touch, and their expressions. With each brush stroke, Paul breathes life into the images, you find yourself falling in love with the characters long before reading the book.

    His cover art stimulates my creativity. By staring at one of his covers, I become awash with such an incredible flood of imagination. It surges through my body, saturating my senses. The erratic scenarios launch in so many different plots; it’s both exhilarating and at times, a bit overwhelming. Yet, I endeavor to jot down all the ideas for future inspiration.

    With that being said, I feel there’s something rather intoxicating with The Hired Man cover. Perhaps it’s a glimpse of an innocence of eroticism in the making. Two average men, at the cusp of discovery – becoming aware of their feelings… and of each other.

    Simply put: Bravo! Paul Richmond, you are an incredible artist, inspiring the authors around you with your talent! I for one, thank you and hope someday, one of your covers will grace one of my books.

    George Allwynn, aspiring m/m author

  • Tough call. While I’d love to have a copy of the Hired Man hanging on my wall because I think it’s very sexy…I think Patient Eyes is more artistic.

    Choices, choices! I voted for Patient Eyes.

    I think they are all very well done and beautiful.


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