Looking For Some Feedback #3

01bw_167Now that we’ve been in our new location for a little over 3 months, and most of the old posts have been relocated, I thought this would be a good time to ask for your feedback.

Christian has been working very hard on the site to make your experience a good one. He set up a mobile phone/PDA friendly interface with progressive enhancement for advanced mobile browsers (did you understand all that? I hope so because I sure didn’t *g*) so that you can view the site on the go and also leave comments that way.  I notice that many of you are using the mobile browser (especially Ingrid). *g* Christian has also made a number of other enhancements at your request on the “comments” feature and elsewhere on the site and he has added a widget to speed up the site so that the delays that were encountered on the blog are hopefully a thing of the past. There are many more enhancements but they are waaaay too technical for me to write about.:) Oh, I almost forgot,  there is a radio here that you can use free of charge – Lost FM rocks!

But that doesn’t mean that we’re complacent. As I said when we moved, we want you to regard this site as your online home away from home. With that in mind I made a few changes and I’m wondering if you like them, (or not)  –

I have asked a number of authors who have been interviewed on the site to be guest bloggers so that you can get different opinions on many topics. I’m sure you welcome the break from my posts and I know you have been enjoying the guest bloggers, going by the sheer numbers.

Also, starting this week M.L. Rhodes, author,  will be sharing her opinions on different gay movies and the first one to be reviewed is Shelter.

We have increased the number of guest reviewers because the available M/M books have doubled recently, and I know you are loving Val, Kassa, and Jenre in addition to Aunt Lynn, Kris  and maybe sometimes, yours truly – Christian is way too busy maintaining the site to review books.  

Many authors are now donating their M/M books on the site as “free” books and I would like to thank them for their generosity. Amber Allure is continuing to offer its M/M books every week as “free” books to readers, and Bristlecone Pine Press has also donated a number of its ebooks as “free” books on the site. Many thanks to these publishers!

Starting today Tam is going to be our new roving Reporter and she will regale you with her exploits. You have already seen a few of her posts but now she’s official.*g*

I haven’t seen any recent complaints from you, other than about the occasional server problem which relates to the hosting company for the website, but I do have other plans that I’m thinking of to make the site more accessible and improve the content. However, before I do anything I would like your opinion about the changes that are now in place, and what you would like to see in terms of new content. Sorry, Christian is not available as one of the Friday Guys – he’s got a hot new man and he’s busy tuning him up.:-D

Please leave your comments on the post.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • “Indeed, it’s people who are not clicking through as much anymore who are most likely *not* to have paid much attention to this post or to have commented.”

    Actually, I still get the comments in full feed and read yours Justacat, which caught my eye. I actually didn’t really notice the original post.

    This is how I do it now on some sites that don’t do full feeds. Comments are still usually on full feed and I read them. That’s how I get an idea if I want to jump in or not or if it’s an interesting post.

    • I’ll take a look at that possibility – but once again, it means going to a separate page rather than using the convenience of a feed reader to consolidate all the many, many blogs I read. I love this site, so I try to make the effort, but the fact is that my RSS reader page (I use google reader) is always open in my browser and I go to it many times a day, whereas any other single page just isn’t going to get nearly as much of my attention. I try to make the effort click through – but whereas before, I’d scan through *every* post, no matter whether I thought it would interest me or not, and sometimes thereby found myself caught up in things I might not otherwise have discovered (e.g., an interview of an author I don’t know, or a discussion of an issue I didn’t think I cared about), with things set up this way I rarely click through on posts that I’m not interested in to begin with.
      As Leah says, this is my problem, not yours. But the fact that she feels the same does make me wonder…this particular post to which we’re commenting was aimed at feedback in general, not at this issue in particular. I wonder whether there are others who feel as we do who aren’t commenting here? Indeed, it’s people who are not clicking through as much anymore who are most likely *not* to have paid much attention to this post or to have commented. It’s only serendipity that I did; I was going through a week’s worth of posts at one time, feeling very unhappy about the change, and looking specifically for one to which I could comment about it, so when I saw this post I clicked through though I normally would not have.
      I know you want to make as many people as possible happy, and it’s always the case that not everyone is going to be happy, and it may be that the NSFW people clearly predominate, but I’m wondering whether comments to a general feedback post give you truly accurate information about that. Because this is an issue of readership of the blog, which is obviously very important to you, might it be worth devoting a post/poll specifically to this issue (with the first three lines making it clear what the issue is *g*), to get a better idea what the division of opinions among your readership really is?
      Or of course it may be that you’re happy with this solution and don’t feel the need for dwelling on it further!

  • Hi Justacat and MB
    Sadly Jesse is right. WordPress only offers either the full text feed or the description feed. I searched the WordPress documentation, but there doesn’t seem to be a way around this.
    As an alternative I can recommend visiting the mobile version of the site with a normal browser. This is how I visit the site myself most of the times.
    You can surf the site very fast and in a way similar to that in a feed reader. And you can even leave comments that way!

  • MB (Leah)
    I wondered why I didn’t see you anymore on the site commenting.


    I’m wondering if there is a way to do this so that for one reader the whole post shows and for the other one only 3 lines would show. I just sent Christian an email and I don’t know what his thinking is. He’ll usually post something here. There’s got to be a way around this surely with all the technology “fixes”.


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