Recommended Reading – November 2009

200x300GoldenAgeLast month, for the first time, I provided a list of Recommended Reading on the site for the months of September and October. The guest reviewers and I thought that these books, rated at 5 stars or above, were worthy of your limited book buying budget.  Here’s this month’s recommended list of M/M books.

Dash and Dingo by Sean Kennedy and Catt Ford (Wave)
The Golden Age of Gay Fiction by Drewey Wayne Gunn with 19 contributors (Leslie)
Border Roads by Sarah Black (Val)
A Report from Winter by Wayne Courtois (Leslie)
Speak Its Name: A Trilogy Charlie Cochrane, Erastes, Lee Rowan (Wave)
The Meaning of Matthew: My Son’s Murder in Laramie by Judy Shepard (Leslie)
A Dangerous Man by Anne Brooke (Val)
Sweet Oblivion 5: Elixir  by Jordan Castillo Price (Wave)
Fathom’s Five:  The Cross Of Sins by Geoffrey Knight (Wave)
The Elegant Corpse  by A.M. Riley (Jenre)
The Man From C.A.M.P by Victor J. Banis (Leslie)
Almost Like Being In Love by Steve Kluger (Wave)
Curse of the Pharaoh’s Manicurist by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks (Val)
I Spy Something Wicked by Josh Lanyon (Wave)
A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach (Wave)

I have also included 3 books that rated “Special Mention” which were just below the cut line of 5 stars.

The Charioteer by Mary Renault (Jenre)
As You Are by Ethan Day (Aunt Lynn)
Here and Always Have Been by Kenneth Craigside (Jenre)


  • Mary
    My legs and feet can move fast sometimes.:) I knew someone who had his email address so it was simply a matter of trying to schedule the interview between his California book tour. The interview will probably run on Tuesday afternoon because of the time difference with Australia.


    BTW, once Dash and Dingo gets going there’s no stopping the pace so it’s not slow, it just has a longer lead time to build up, while the other book starts and right away you’re thrust into one adventure after another. You don’t get to draw your breath.g

  • Mary
    It’s hard to compare Dash and Dingo and Fathom’s Five because they are such different books.


    Fathom’s Five is an adrenalin rush from the first page like Raiders of the Lost Ark, while Dash and Dingo took a little time to get going and there’s more family interaction in spurts. But it’s also very exciting.


    If you love sheer adventure with some hot sex thrown in, 2 of the guys romancing each other amidst all the daring escapes, and five incredibly hot guys, then Fathoms Five is it. It you want a more measured pace where the excitement doesn’t start as quickly, and there’s more romance and sex, then Dash and Dingo is your book.
    I’m reading Riddle of the Sands, the second book in the series, which will be reviewed next Tuesday in time for my interview with the author Geoffrey Knight. You have to read his interview – I think he’s one of my best so far – certainly in the top 3 in terms of excitement! I bought Riddle of the Sands from the Book Depository.

  • True, I remember reading in your Coming Soon post that you were interviewing Geoffrey Knight. I also remember thinking you certainly didn’t waste time, given that you read his book less than a month ago *g* Thanks for the comparison, even if it wasn’t easy to do :). I think I did well in ordering Fathoms Five first because I’ve read several good books of the slower and more romantic type (and loved them), but an adrenaline rush will be a nice change :). There’s plenty of time for me to order D&D later with my next order :).

  • Thanks for compiling the list! There are a few in there i’d forgotten you reviewed – and some I didn’t know you had :). Between Fathoms’ Five and Dash & Dingo, which one would you say you enjoyed the most?

    By the way, I ordered Fathom’s Five from the Book Depository the other day. Blasted Amazon that can’t be arsed to keep its books in stock…

  • I just finished Dash and Dingo and would definitely give that five stars. It’s a great book. Also, the Golden Age of Gay Fiction — I think I mentioned in another post that I received the print edition about two weeks ago. It’s excellent — worth every penny. If you don’t feel like spending that kind of money on yourself, put it on your holiday wishlist.


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