We Remember ……

poppyall of our soldiers who gave their lives for us.

 I wish to salute all of those men and women who died for their countries, regardless of race, sexual orientation or sex. War and death in battle do not discriminate. Bravery does not discriminate. We salute all of our soldiers who fought for peace.

While Remembrance Day salutes initially those who died in WW1 which ended November 11, 1918, 91 years ago when the Armistice documents were signed between Germany and the Allies, our soldiers are still in harm’s way today in Afghanistan and all over the world. We pray for their safeCanada_flag_halifax_9_-04 return and hope that their sacrifice is not in vain.

We salute you our brave soldiers, our heroes,  not just on November 11 but every day, for making this a safer world for all of us.


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