Do your balls bounce or hang loose?

blue_boxers_lgI was inspired to write this post because of an article in a local newspaper about an upcoming reality comedy game show, Kenny vs. Spenny, where the two combatants debate the principles of boxers and briefs.

Here’s some of what Kenny said
“Spencer’s more into boxers. He likes tough hairy guys with gloves. Personally I’m into briefs – I can’t wear boxers because my junk is too heavy and I need additional support. It’s almost a medical thing .. I didn’t know boxers existed. Underwear is all kinds of ridiculous. Everything should be based on camoflage. That’s why my underwear is all brown.”

“Also forget about boxers. We’re from Canada – it’s cold here. All of your clothes need to be tight fitting. It’s almost unpatriotic to wear boxer shorts…. it’s the definition of uncool”

Spencer says:
“I wear boxer briefs so I get the best of both worlds. If you wear old school boxers everything just hangs too loose, nothing is really absorbing – it’s just not niceboxer briefs and snug. I wear form fitting, aesthetic looking boxer briefs. Men don’t wear briefs … especially hairy men. Briefs look terrible. Homer Simpson wears briefs. My dad wore briefs, but at least he wore the French kind. …I associate briefs with your grandfather or a gawky teenager.”

Guys and gals, what do you like?  For those guys who have too much junk in front like Kenny<g> and need the extra support, would some of the fancy tighty whiteys do it for you? I know that not all men wear underwear and that at times they like to go commando. I see you on the street and I can tell if you dress right or left.<g> Do you do this for effect or just because you like to hang loose? Do boxers not give you enough freedom? Do you have to put temptation in our way even outdoors? Some of you may ask why my eyes are below the waist when I look at strange men on the street, and that’s an excellent question for which I don’t have a ready answer. 😀

I did some research and here are the results –

Boxers: Firefighters, cops and professional men like boxers – 50 % of them. Boxers are also worn by men 60 years and older or much younger guys. However, go light on pictures of your mother or Homer Simpson on your  underwear. 🙂

Tighty whiteys are worn by many younger men but these are not Fruit of the Loom tighty whiteys, they’re Calvin’s.

underwear –  men who don’t want any panty lines favour this look. 😀  Does your man wear a thong?

– I love it, but guys be careful when you pull up that zipper.

After all of this work I would like you to vote for your favourite men’s underwear. Will it be boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, thongs, no underwear i.e. commando, or something in between? The guy in this6a00d83451cc7469e20120a5c957c0970b-500wi picture is wearing none of the underwear being debated although he could be  wearing the current Calvins – I just thought he looked great. <g>


  • U-trou comes from my college days. It was coined by the boys at Sigma Chi and has stayed with me forever: u-trou …under trousers (or underwear). The other thing they said and I still use: PSORT…”I feel like a PSORT.” Piece of shit on rye toast. LOL

  • Leslie
    I love guys in jocks that’s why I have the last picture. What’s a u-trou?

    See, you’re making your son wear the kind of underwear girls hate. He should be wearing sexy underwear, not mummy wear. 😀

  • You guys need to look at American Hunks (the book I reviewed here last week). That has *lots* of pictures of guys in jockstraps.
    In my household, my husband hasn’t worn u-trou for years. My son likes boxers and I like buying them for him (since he doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend at the moment to do the honors :-)). I buy the ones with silly pictures…mugs of beer and pretzels. Since they are free, he doesn’t complain. LOL.

  • I have been banned from buying the hubby clothing. I have way better taste than he does 🙂 which means he never ever likes anything I buy for him. He’s one of those men who’d be happy to have nothing but gray and black in his closet. BORING.

    • Sorry I’m late!
      Boxer briefs give some sass to the ass. (Well, except in the case of my SO, who doesn’t have an ass to sass up.) Plus, they look delish when they get wet.
      Thongs–ugh!–do nothing for me except make me want to buy a bidet. Better to wear nothing than a thong.

      • KZ

        Boxer briefs give some sass to the ass<<


        See, that’s why you’re a writer and I’m not. 😀

        No thongs huh? I love to see a man’s ass hanginjg out of a thong (that’s assuming he has nice firm bouncy apple cheeks.) 😀

    • Nadja
      You should buy his underwear so that he doesn’t have a choice. Alternatively, a Christmas present of boxer briefs would not be a bad idea.


      Maybe the father should follow his son’s style and go commando.:-D


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