Happy US Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving pilgrimToday is the US Thanksgiving.  Most Americans will be giving thanks and celebrating the holiday with family and friends. It’s also a time to remember those less fortunate by doing something to help where you can, not just today but everyday!

This Thanksgiving will be a lean time for many who have lost their jobs and homes due to the current recession. It would be a wonderful gesture to invite someone into your home who otherwise would be spending the holiday alone, or who is unable to afford a Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving turkey 2Happy Thanksgiving to our US neighbours and here’s a turkey I cooked specially for you. :-D.


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  • Happy Thanksgiving to you colonials. 😉 Actually, my brother *does* celebrate Thanksgiving, despite being British, because he’s married to an American. Of course I suspect he’d happily observe any holiday that includes a huge feast as part of the celebrations.

    • JFM
      Here in Canada it’s amazing the number of Canadians who are married to Americans, so they get to celebrate both the Canadian and US Thanksgiving holidays. Two opportunities to stuff yourself until there’s no more room!

      • Umm. Yeah. Your point is? LOL Actually we are having a potluck at work today in honour of American Thanksgiving so I don’t think there will be any lack of food, even if not the traditional kind. I brought deli turkey. Really, you can’t have Thanksgiving of any sort without turkey.


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