We’re Moving

01bw_167As I’m sure you are aware, we have been having continuing problems with the current host for this site which caused frequent service disruptions over the past month. Consequently I decided, after consulting the Webmaster Christian Otto, that we had no option but to move the site to another, more reliable, host.

This Saturday (November 28)  Christian will be moving the site to godaddy.com. I am told that this is the #2 hosting company in the US so I hope that translates into reliable service.  I’m not sure how long this move will take but I’m told it  could be up to 48 hours or a bit more before the domain name points to the godaddy servers, at which time Christian will complete the upload of the database. I hope that the service disruption will be minimal and you can still read all the posts that are currently on the site and comment.

I would like to thank Christian for everything he does for us – you and me – to ensure that the site is always at peak performance. Without Christian we would still be on Blogger.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to see you real soon.


  • Thank you Wave and Christian for all your diligent work on this site. It is also my main reference for book purchases and it has yet to steer me wrong. I am sure this site has saved me a lot of money (and reading hours) over time that might have been spent on subpar material. Thanks again 🙂

    • Hi Diane

      Thanks for the nice words. We work really hard to give you reviews that help in your book purchases. Honesty above all is our motto. 😀

      Wish us luck tomorrow.

  • I’m sorry you had to do this, especially since you have to spend more money on it, but I’m glad – I often had trouble to access the site and since I use it as a reference when I’m making my purchases, it was kind of annoying sometimes. I hope the new hosting company would be better and that Gay Book Reviews would find more permanent home. ^^

    • Lady M
      This is not something I wanted to do because it means a whole lot of work for Christian, which he doesn’t need right now. However, the current host hasn’t been performing and I never know whether the site will be up when I try to log on.


      This new host comes highly recommended so I hope that the current problems will be resolved.

    • Hi TP
      Yes I moved from Blogger on July 19 to a website hosted by this company this which has proved itself to be, shall we say, less than perfect. I paid for a year’s hosting plus a lot of enhancements upfront, now we have to move because they screwed up, starting with all their servers going down at one time, and it just continued. So not only will I lose my money but I have to pay a $35 early cancellation fee for their inefficiency. Of course I’ll be challenging their decision to charge me twice. I’m hoping that this is our last move.

      You will continue to have the pleasure, doubtful as it is 😀 of checking out the site from time to time.


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