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      • Wave, I just want you to know that Paul and Levi and me are having such a good time together that they have graciously consented to being the wallpaper on my iPhone. Oh, they totally support the idea of a Paul and Levi day, too. Just FYI.


  • I checked IMDB and #4 is 17. Seventeen. Dear God. I feel downright obscene. He was born a full decade after me. The kids I babysat as a teen are older than this today 0_0. As I don’t have the money to fly him to Australia with me where he’d be legal (thanks for the info Kris ;), I’ll stick with watching from afar. Up close he would probably have that same innocent, rounded-cheeked face that he seems to have in the interview pics and all he would arouse is my maternal instincts. I’d pat him on the head and buy him ice cream. Oh well. He’s still pretty to look at :D.

    • Mary
      Don’t worry – I won’t let them arrest you for just looking. 😀 BTW I do have other pics of him – I guess you don’t want me to post them next week?

    • Nadja
      You and I love Paul and Levi but what about the rest of the people? Should we not take their needs into account? Oh, the hell with them 😀

  • Too bad #12 and #5 are gone, but I really, really needed the sleep. There’ll be other Fridays :). In the meantime, hand me over that #4. Is it the kid who plays the werewolf in the Twilight movies? I hope not, because that guy’s not legal even in Canada, but I would take him anyway, just for the fun of making him keep walking in the surf and get splashed and admire his clothes clinging to his bod. Then I’d fix him up with my 18-year old cousin and win her eternal gratitude for that 😀 If it’s not the Twilight boy, then I’ll go play in the water with him :-DD


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