So You Wanna Write M/M …. by A.J. Llewellyn

Despite many publishers’ predictions, this ‘niche’ genre isn’t dwindling. In fact, more and more M/M titles are flooding the market with varying degrees of quality…andaj PHOTO success.

I get emails daily from female authors who want to cash in on the M/M wave. That’s right, I said, cash in. Why else would many of them ask me how to authenticate their gay sex scenes – then act squeamish about actually watching gay sex? They ask what they should read or watch and I provide them with lengthy info. I’m astonished when they say, “I can’t watch gay porn. My husband would hate it.”

Mainstream authors don’t expect their spouses to be involved in their literary research, so why should M/M be different? Use your computer! There’s a world of free info out there. However, if you really can’t stand the thought of watching two men together, please consider writing something else.  It will show in your work.

1. Read some good M/M authors. Victor J. Banis is our reigning sovereign. In fact, you should read the Holy Trinity: Banis, William Maltese and Rick R. Reed.

2. If these three men procreated and produced a brilliant love child, he would be Josh Lanyon. He’s a must-read, too.

3. Research your chosen market. I highly recommend Josh’s definitive study, “Man oh Man! Writing M/M for Kinks and Cash”

4. Women Who Write M/M. There are some great ones and I hate to single anyone out since many are my friends so I am going to say read the ones who are multi-published such as Carol Lynne. Check out the top 10 lists of any publishing house. You’ll see the same names again and again. There are so many great writers for you to read!!

4 (b).  Watch good quality gay porn. All gay porn is not created equal. Skip the really nasty vomiting, fisting, underground torture

5. For the timid, watch mainstream gay movies like “Shelter” and the TV series “Dante’s Cove” and “Queer as Folk.”
AJ erik2Watch stuff – remember you are writing EROTIC ROMANCE. Opt for high quality sizzle.

If you are meant to write M/M, you will discover fetish aspects that you enjoy. However, remember that extreme BDSM such as fisting, water sports, rape, defecating, incest and child rape are not accepted by most erotic publishers. They also don’t sell well according to most publishers.

6. WHAT to watch?  I love “Bedroom Eyes,” a fantastic DVD featuring an amazing scene with Francois Sagat, one of the sexiest, busiest bottoms in gay porn. You can’taj bedroom eyes 2 go wrong with ANYTHING Sagat is in EXCEPT his fisting movies which he denounces. Erik Rhodes is in such obvious discomfort in their new movie for Falcon, that it’s not arousing. Sagat has an awesome website he recently wrangled back in a lawsuit and he doesn’t blog so much as post weird and wonderful Youtube vids and scorching pics.

7. FREE STUFF. Sagat’s kissing video with former lover Francesco D’Macho is still the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and all they do is kiss! View it for free here:
.  Sagat has extensive material on Youtube. Some are gorgeous. The scene where he is kissing a woman proves he is the sexiest kisser alive. Some, where he looks high and lip-syncs Britney Spears or the one where he bitch-slaps a trannie are well, freaky.

8. AJ’S FAVES: I’m a whore for Kristen Bjorn’s movies. I’m surprised how few gay porn aficionados know this Swedish filmmaker’s work. His “Fire Dance” is still my go-to movie. It has tons of explosive, hot sex and visual imagery that you won’t forget. Bjorn’s movies are famous for beautiful guys who really connect. He scours the world for men with gorgeous faces and cocks lovingly shot – a nice addition to the incredibly erotic sex. Bjorn’s trademark is exquisite cinematography, stunning locations and sensational, plentiful cum shots. I think his gift is that he was a porn star who now directs. He understands his performers and draws the best from them. He made a very good video interviewing some of his stars called “Kristen Bjorn’s World of Men.” It’s a real eye-opener. He shows how carefully staged even basic sex scenes are. He also interviews many of his stars who talk about the difficulty of being in a sustained relationship whilst indulging in their need for lots of random sex. 

My favorite scenes are the ’rape’ scene in the dining room between a master and his servant and random ones such as a milk man pouring milk all over two hot guys on a roof (both from “Fire Dance”). The leather bar sequence in “Bone Island” is hot. In fact my fave porn actor (now retired) Juan Jimenez stars in both.  Juan Jimenez AKA also made movies as Antonio Marquez. See if you can catch his masturbation sequence as “Antonio” for Men at Play:AJ Antonio_MP
It is still one of their most popular videos. He’s as sexy as hell. Also former gay power couple Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin have an awesome scene there. Falcon Studios (for which my “Massive Studio Series” partner John Bruno directs movies) has a fantastic selection of movies for any palate. They too, pick the sexiest guys and John has an eye for talent.
It’s amazing how many guys drift in and out of gay porn. It has a certain cache with guys who love to fuck – gay or straight.

Performers are paid more for gay than straight, but not by much. They mostly all have day jobs.

This brings me to another point: Gay porn is embraced and revered by its own community in a way that straight porn is not. There are many reasons for this. I find it a fascinating subject and could go on at length, but I won’t. Because of this acceptance, fans – and I include authors in this group – have closer access now more than ever to gay porn stars. Many of them are nice and love their female fans. The smart ones know that more and more women are watching their movies. There are some who don’t care and really resent their manly world invaded by a bunch of women.

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Navigating Gay Porn.

1. You can download scenes for under $20 from most good porn sites such as and but I’d suggest using that some money to invest in a pay site such a fantastic site created by porn star Collin O’Neal. He has sexy scenes galore with tons of free snippets and extensive notes on each couple in his gallery. He keeps threatening to quit producing, but is still currently active. I recommend his site because you get a bunch of others along with it for free.

AJ francesco and damien wedding2. For a look at a totally wild married gay porn star couple, check out (about $23 a month). Francesco D’ Macho and Damien Crosse have cutting-edge, contemporary gay porn that runs the gamut from hot romance (Rosso Blu) to controversial (Damien Crosse’s auto-erotic asphyxiation scene.) Their vids are frankly hit and miss.  “Just 18” is disturbing because the model (way older than 18) is quite clearly stoned out of his gourd.
 Their behind-scenes Stag TV episodes however, are unparalleled elsewhere on the web. They are hysterical and hot!

3. Follow the men! They almost all tweet, FB and blog. However, be careful who you tweet, befriend, email and text. Damien Crosse discovered some wanker on Twitter used his name to open an account. The imposter fooled everybody, even models who know the gay porn superstar. Damien was forced to take action. The imposter’s account now says NOTDamien Crosse. The real Damien’s account is Damien_Crosse.

4. Don’t demand constant contact and don’t demand free stuff.  Remember these are all PERFORMERS…many with a short shelf life. They get in the biz under one name, they chop and change…and then vanish. Some, like Michael “The Monster” Brandon develop severe life problems with drugs and legal issues.  For an absolutely first-rate but disturbing portrait of a gay porn star read the San Francisco Weekly’s article:
Respect their privacy. Some stars are VERY honest about life issues, such as the recently retired Jake Dakota who recently quit the biz citing his day job layoff as being the reason:

5. Use your smarts. A reader emailed me that she befriended a gay porn star on Twitter and everything was peachy until she declined to wire him money. It is unlikely a reputable performer will hit you up for cash. Report such activity to appropriate authorities. However, if you ask stars for photos, DVDs, used jockey straps, cum-soaked socks etc. expect to pay. Almost all of them have their own websites with reasonable prices for these items. Remember the line from the Fleetwood Mac song, “Players only love you when they’re playing.” It is absolutely true. These are performers who are paid to entertain.

6. Gay porn performers are often rent boys, escorts, etc. R.J. Danvers and Erik Rhodes forAJ eric rhodes example, blog openly about this. Read them and learn! I still laugh out loud about Erik’s bemusement that a trick paid him three grand to suck his toes! He also blogged recently that a street hooker tried to speak to him and he was outraged until, “I remembered, hey, I’m a hooker too!” R.J. is one of the youngest porn stars on the scene and only just turned 21. He’s a sweet guy and his posts feature lots of free clips.

Erik Rhodes is the most beautiful, yet most miserable SOB in the biz. Some love his blog posts, some hate them. We’ve corresponded and he is a gifted writer – probably the smartest of the gay porn star bloggers – but he can be a pain in the ass when he trashes everybody, including himself. He threatens suicide often and once posted a pic on his blog drinking GHB. Erik wanted to fuck Francois Sagat for a long time and when Falcon flew the two stars to Prague, he bitched about it in his blog [beautifully]. He posted about his unpleasant fisting sequence with Sagat. Who knew there’d be no lube in Prague?

This is a key point too. These small details are good to know if you’re going to use these “extreme” scenes in your books. It’s not all fun and raging orgasms.

7. One of the most open, informative and safety-conscious performer is Steve Cruz. Being a performer/director, he gets great interviews with other porn stars and blogs about his productions day by day. You’ll feel like you are there.  Steve also discusses his search for love – an interesting glimpse into a gay man’s mind.

AJ erik8. Non-performer gay porn blogs. There are many, but a lot of these “gank” endless nude pics from one another and from gay porn sites and don’t really offer a lot of insight into the biz. However has a comprehensive list of links and also hot pics.  Some blogs/sites feature good interviews. Here’s one I love with newcomer Rocco Giovanni: is a good starting point too with links to Naked Sword and a host of other sites.
9. Fan girl Blogs:

One of the oldest blogs by a female fan of gay porn is:  She doesn’t update often but her material is hot and she has links for women fans of gay porn BY women fans of gay porn!

Fairview Sue is also a fantastic blog by a woman. She has unbeatable links to blogs all over the world:

“Guiltily Pleasured” is another straight woman who blogs about gay porn. She is a total fan girl and features lots of pics and her view of different releases:

Now…get busy and WRITE!

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To help the budding M/M writer, or even if you’re not interested in a writing career, A.J. is providing a free guest membership for two weeks at Massive Studios to a lucky blogger. This membership allows you to see all current material on the site and the first episode of Bad Cops, the webisode version of his best-selling book.


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