I’ll be Home For Christmas

Title: I’ll be Home for Christmas
Author: Adrianna Dane
Genre: Contemporary M/M, interracial
Buy Link: Amazon.com
Length: Novella 
Rating: stars out of 5


Destrie Two Rivers and Benedict Webster–an orphaned half-Indian and a wealthy rancher’s son. Men who were boyhood best friends, turned secret lovers when they were eighteen. And then one nightmarish night they were discovered and Destrie almost died as a


Now, eight years later, just before Christmas, Destrie, an Army sniper, returns to Wyoming on leave to attend the funeral of his foster father. Both men have changed and the distance between them seems wider than the Continental Divide with no way to breach the chasm. But just as the creek where they first made love runs powerful and constant, Destrie and Benedict’s passion for each other still burns undeniably deep and everlasting.

Re-igniting their unquenchable desire could prove fatal. Until the heavy guilt and shocking secrets of the past are revealed, neither of these two men can truly come home for Christmas.


Destrie and Ben had grown up together, and when they were 18 years old they fell in love. But one night changed their lives forever and separated them for 8 years — that one night when they were found together and Destrie was beaten badly by Jake, Ben’s homophobic brother and his friends. A few days later Destrie left, never to be heard from until his foster father died. Now he was back in town, a man who fought for his country in Iraq, completely changed from the boy he was when he left town all those years ago.

When Ben saw him in the local bar where everyone hung out it was as if time had stood still because he still loved Destrie. They had both been battered by life and it seemed that the gulf between them would never be bridged. For starters they had different objectives. Ben had responsibilities towards the men and women employed on the ranch now that his father was dead, and his hands were tied because if he ever left home, Jake, who was an alcoholic, would run it into the ground. Destrie had never been welcome in the town and he knew if he stayed he would be beaten up again or killed. However nothing could keep them away from each other and that night they renewed their memories and it was as if they had never been apart.  However, two days later Destrie left town once more.

This was a pattern that would be repeated again and again because Destrie and Ben could not find a compromise that would work for both of them and Destrie was on his own journey to find out about his Indian heritage. Could they find a way out of what seemed to be an impasse?

What I liked about the story

I liked both characters which were well defined and both men seemed to  love each other.  I also liked the writing and intensity of the emotions which sucked me into the story, although if the protagonists had talked to each other perhaps a solution might have presented itself earlier, but then the story would have been a lot shorter.

In terms of the secondary characters, Destrie’s foster mother was a sympathetic figure who loved both her son and Ben and the scenes with her were warm and fuzzy.

What I didn’t like about the story

This angst filled story seemed to go around in circles for 10 years with no solution in sight to the protagonists’ problems. I also felt that Jake, Ben’s homophobic, alcoholic brother was over the top as well as his manipulative father who I only met third hand through the recollection of others.

However, what put this story into the realm of improbability was one scene where Destrie used snow to lubricate Ben’s hole and they both still maintained an erection throughout the sex. How is that possible? There’s no amount of body heat that would melt the snow and change it into warm water in such a short time. I thought that when a man is doused with  ice cold water he can’t get it up, and certainly the top would have a numb penis and would be unable to perform. In addition, the two men were outside in frigid weather which would not help the situation. Maybe I’m wrong and if so, someone please correct me.

If you like your M/M romance with more than a touch of fantasy sex then I’ll Be Home for Christmas is available now.


  • Okay, well for m/f I’ve heard of using a popsicle to ummm. Well, you know then the guy gets the cold sensation and you can have ice in your mouth and the guy doesn’t lose it BUT, it’s melting and warming up fast. And the cold would case incredible shrinkage I would think. 🙂
    I think I would be too frustrated if they go on in that back and forth manner for 10 years. That’s pushing it for me. Snow huh? Okay, I’m boggled.

    • Tam
      There’s shrinkage when guys swim if the water is cool – can you imagine what a penis would shrink to if there is ice in the ummm … hole … and they are outdoors in frigid temperatures? This is not the same as a popsicle Tam and I know just where this is going. 😀


      Yep, snow for lube. Inventive if not nothing else.

      In terms of the timeframe – they were apart for 8 years and then off and on for 2, mostly off.

  • Hi Larissa
    Maybe you should try snow as lubrication outside in frigid weather and report back about whether he was able to stay hard and not go numb and powerless.

  • Hihi snow as lubrication. That is certainly a new one. Snow is frigging cold. Funny. Now you made me all curious just because of the snow part!
    Great review 🙂


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