Balls to the Walls

Title: Balls to the Walls
Author: S.L. Majors
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Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: short story (38 pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Balls to the Walls is David’s motto, along with the name of his one-man personal training firm. Callum, young and enthusiastic, wants to be a better footballer, and he hires David to train him. Usually shy, Callum can’t help himself when he exits the locker room’s shower and sees David standing before the mirror, a snow-white towel wrapped around his lean waist. He has not yet showered, and he smells of musk and man.

David becomes Callum’s teacher in all things physical, but things really heat up when Callum teaches the older man a thing or two about emotion and vulnerability.


Callum O’Neill, a professional football player, is a client of Balls to the Walls, a gym owned by David Browning. During his three month membership he has been lusting after David, his trainer, but David does not believe in mixing business with pleasure.

When Callum sees David one evening coming out of the shower he can’t hold his feelings in check any longer and tries to pierce David’s rigid self control  in order to find out whether the older man views him as someone other than a client.  David is quite receptive to taking their business relationship into another arena, but he has his own demand which would entail Callum giving up something to get the man of his dreams.

Callum had always managed to achieve what he wanted because he was young and good looking, but with David he really had to work hard on getting him into bed. However, he felt that no price was too high for the prize. David knew that everything came too easy to Callum who lacked focus, and he felt that he needed guidance so that he could achieve his professional goals and ambitions, but all of his  plans were in danger of going off the rails by his own desire for Callum. Could they agree on a solution that would give them what they both wanted?

This book is highly erotic. When David took Callum in hand the atmosphere became supercharged, as both men appeared to reach a boiling point. The sex was off the scale and it was clear that if they had nothing else going for them  this was one area where they were compatible.  I had no idea that the act of shaving could be so sensuous. When David shaved Callum with a straight razor he was making love to him as the razor glided over his skin – I never knew that cold water made the skin on a man’s sac contract, resulting in a tighter, closer shave.

In case you thought this book was all sex, the author did a good job on the characters who were well drawn. Callum had pretended during his early adult years that he was straight or  bi, but had eventually accepted his sexual orientation even though he knew that his parents and football fans probably wished that he wasn’t gay. Now that he was out, he wanted David and would do whatever it took to get him. David, on the other hand, was a little older and more experienced and had been in combat for a few years while in the military. The last year and a half  he had spent his time training and mentoring athletes, and although he liked Callum a lot he thought he lacked the self discipline necessary to temper his self confidence, a quality he needed to make it in his chosen career.

Because this was such a short read, most of the action was contained in the gym or David’s apartment but  the book was certainly not one dimensional even though the guys engaged in a lot of sex play and there was a bit of light BDSM. The book contained a fair amount of prose and dialogue to make the story interesting; the differences between the characters were stressed as they tried to reach common ground for an ongoing relationship, which it was apparent they both wanted after their one night stand.

I did find one aspect of the story disconcerting – I thought that the author had too much of a  fascination or fixation with towels because they seemed to form part of the sexual play between David and Callum throughout the story.  😀 However, other than being a bit distracting, this didn’t affect the story.

If you’re looking for an erotic read with two well drawn characters who have everything going for them, Balls to the Walls is a great way to start the year. Recommended.


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  • Well, that’s one book I would never have picked up – simply for the cover! What were they thinking?

    • Hi Erastes
      Happy New Year!
      As I told Tam, the book is part of a series by Total-e-bound and they use the same cover for all the stories I believe.

  • No, no, no straight razors near the private parts. LOL If you want to investigate the shaving fetish you could try Sean Michael’s Cherry Sours, etc. books. It is a series of three shorts that despite not being MY thing, caught me up in their relationship. This sounds like it might not be a bad read. I shall keep it in mind when I have my next bout of Toy Poodle Flu and am craving some shorts. 🙂
    I recently bought two m/m shorts that had a girl’s face on the cover but they are usually part of a series, where they have a bunch of stories, some m/f and some m/m that all get the same cover so there isn’t any connection between the two. They really should use something generic though, not a body to make it more clear.

    • Tam
      You would enjoy the story. The straight razor thing? It was done well. 😀

      The book is part of a series by Total-e-bound and they use the same cover for all the stories. Luckily I read the blurb, which intrigued me.

  • Hi Eve
    I saw your comment on the TDT review and responded. 😀


    It may be American football but he didn’t play in the book so I couldn’t really tell. It could be rugby since the publisher is British.


    No girl cooties in this book – definitely just men. A nice short, hot read. Let me know how you like the shaving sequences. 😀

    • Just finished it! A hot little read, you are right that although it’s mainly sex scenes, there are some character set up there, so keep the sex interesting. Add a bit more back story, a bit more character development, could have been a full blown novel.

      The shaving scene… mmm… I’ve always found men shaving for each other kind of erotic – but not the kind they do here! straight razor near the balls? what were they thinking???? LOL. still a pretty hot scene though 🙂

      btw, the story is set in London, they are definitely talking about English football. You know I’ve always fancy a proper m/m romance set in the premiere league football. We have a couple of openly gay footballers here, but none of them star players. Plenty of rumours though. 🙂

      • Eve
        I’m glad you liked it. I thought it was a lot of fun especially the shaving scene. Oh and some of the dialogue – talk about raw!!!!


        It would be nice to have a M/M romance between 2 British footballers. If you ever see one that you recommend please email me. I love sports stories.

  • Happy new year, Wave! And of course I’ve read your TDT review! 🙂

    This sounds like a good light read to start the new year. Two questions: when you say football, it’s American football, right? You know we don’t know why they call it football when they actually use their hands to hold the ball *g*… also, I find it strange that they have a woman’s backside on the cover, there’s no m/m/f sex in there right (yuck! lol)?

    • Usually when they use the term footballer that is the British way of saying soccer player. Or I think Aussie Rules football as well. In North American I think we would call them football player so it’s likely British.

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