MLR Press Announcement

Laura Baumbach, owner of ManLoveRomance (MLR) Press has agreed to donate some of the ebooks published by MLR Press to readers on this site, starting this week.

Since this is a very small press you will only be able to bid on one book per week, but on the plus side, a large percentage of the books are novels so winners will be able to enjoy their spoils for much longer.

The first book will be posted later today and I look forward to the usual spirited attempts to attract attention. 😀

I would like to thank Laura for her generous offer and I’m looking forward to selecting books that I know you will all love.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Thank you Laura for your generosity! I look forward to learning more about the books you have to offer.

  • Am looking forward to seeing which books will be offered….here’s hoping it will be “Genetic Snare”!!!!! Have been frantically (anxiously?) waiting for its release.

    Regardless, thanks for the chance, Laura.

    And really am enjoying the website, Wave!

    Sherry F (from the Midwest)

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