I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Looks like I can take home Guy #1? Alright!! He looks sensitive. I’m surprised no one wanted #4! He looks like he could whip us into shape…LOL

    • Hi Jen
      I think No. 4 went about half way through but poor No. 1 is still languishing. Maybe he’ll give you 2 for 1 if you take him home.. 😀

  • I am feeling a little greedy today….I’d like to have both those boys in #6. I have been trying to figure out what the beauty in the back has tatooed on his chest….perhaps if I could trace it with my tongue? Oops….sorry, my mind must have wondered there for a minute. And can someone please tell me if that lovely bubble butt was photo shopped? I NEED to know. Then once my questions were answered, I could just lay back and watch them. Dang, how am I going to get anywork done now? I knew I should have waited until closer to quitting time.


    • If you scroll over his picture Hayden it says “James Kyson Lee”. Is that the Heroes guy? I don’t watch the show but Hunk du Jour men usually are somewhat famous for something (more than their abs anyway).

      • Yep, that’s him. I’m so used to seeing him as the hapless sidekick that I never once thought that he’d be supermodel material. Then again, he’s always dressed in pretty plain (at times bulky or geeky) clothes, so no one can really tell. Poor guy. ^^;;


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