Seeing You

Title: Seeing You
Author: Dakota Flint
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: novella (71 pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Love can be found among the pieces of a broken heart.

The night his brother, Simon, was killed in an accident, Dylan took on a double load of guilt. Guilt for walking away unscathed…and for secretly loving Simon’s partner, Wade. Unable to bear the pain, Dylan left the Lazy G ranch to rebuild his life elsewhere.

A year later he reluctantly responds to his sister’s plea to come home, where he finds the Lazy G falling apart. And so is Wade. Wade has stopped caring about the ranch, about everything that should matter most to him. Though there’s more ranch work than one man can possibly handle, Dylan throws himself into the task. Wondering how he’s going to find the strength to pull Wade out of the fog of grief when his own is still as raw as a fresh wound. Wondering when Wade will finally see that his second chance for happiness is standing right in front of him.


When Dylan’s adopted brother was killed in an accident 15 months ago he left home one month later. He had many reasons for leaving, the worst one was guilt that he had lived and Simon had died. To make matters worse he was in love with Simon’s partner of 7 years, Wade, even though he never let either of them know his feelings. His sister Erin’s impassioned plea to return home made him realize that his time had run out and he had to face Wade and accept Simon’s loss.

The situation at home was much worse than he had imagined. The ranch was almost completely devastated, the animals had all been sold except for Dylan’s horse and a few others that the cowboys needed, the finances were almost depleted and Wade, still grief stricken, was unreachable emotionally. The house was a mess and had not been cleaned in months which attested to Wade’s state of mind. It took a long time for Dylan to get through to Wade that he was still alive and needed to move on, and one night they fought each other outside in a thunderstorm in the mud and said some harsh things to each other before Wade accepted that life was for the living. That night Wade really saw  Dylan as Dylan and not Simon’s brother, and for the first time since the tragedy started feeling sexual urges towards someone, but Dylan made it clear that he was not going to be Wade’s crutch or his substitute for Simon and if Wade wanted him he would have to figure out what he needed to do to make Dylan believe it was not a rebound affair.

I had some questions about a few things that weren’t explained in the book, although given its length maybe the author felt it best to concentrate on the love story. There was no reason given regarding how everyone, including the cowboys on the ranch, accepted Simon and Wade as partners without any of the usual homophobia. It wasn’t as if they lived somewhere like San Francisco the land of OK Homo rather than in cowboy country. Family (Erin and even her husband) and old friend Mack seemed to accept their relationship as normal and no one thought it was unusual for the men to be lovers. My other issue was other than stating that Simon had died as a result of an accident and that Dylan felt guilty he survived, there was no indication of what caused the accident and whether there was any reason for Dylan to feel guilty. Was he driving? Also Dylan seemed to have put his life on hold during Wade’s and Simon’s 7 year relationship and had no boyfriends. I don’t know how that would work in RL.

I liked Seeing You very much because of the protagonists and the plot, even though there were enough tears and angst to go around twice in this emotion filled story. Dakota Flint is a very good writer and I love her characters who are always three dimensional. I thought that the best part of the book was Wade’s unusual courtship which you will have to read for yourself – let’s just say that the author showed a great deal of imagination. 

Seeing You is 1st person POV told in Dylan’s “voice” and I could feel his grief about his brother’s death, complicated by his guilt for loving Simon’s man all those years. He and Wade had many real issues to work through and their story was not the usual boy meets boy, have a Big Misunderstanding and then a HEA – they both had to decide on Simon’s place in their lives and how they could move on to a new life together. This was not a quick romance so of necessity the pace was slower, which suited the emotional state of the characters and the sadness and loss that they had to adjust to and overcome, before there could be any relationship between them.

Definitely recommended.


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