Smells like …. mountain avalanche?

I came across this little, shall we say fetish*, in my reading and thought … WTF is up with that? What is this quirk you ask? What are these handsome studs doing that is squicking you out? Well let me tell you … armpit licking. Seriously? For real? Or sniffing for that matter.

I believe I first came across this odoriferous recreational activity in Lynn Lorenz’s Best Vacation That Never Was. No direct licking was involved but sniffing definitely, and I quote:


“… All this moving’s got me sweating like a horse.” Jason raised his arm. “Take a sniff, babe. I know you want to.”

“Oh God.” Carlton groaned. “The man’s an animal.” He rolled his eyes but couldn’t hide his grin.

“I know. It’s so hot.” Troy laughed and leaned in to inhale his lover’s scent.

“I can’t believe you just did that!” Carlton gagged and pretended to throw up. “You two are sickeningly sweet. My teeth might actually rot and fall out of my head.”

Now that was written in a humourous manner, more as a joke to freak out the friend I think. No problem, guys can be gross, it’s in their genes.

Then I’m reading Neil Plakcy’s Three Wrong Turns in the Desert and it’s not joking, it’s serious hard-core pit licking.

Then he leaned down to sniff Aidan’s armpit and inhaled deeply. “I love the smell of a man,” he growled, then dragged the T-shirt off over Aidan’s head.

He nestled his head under Aidan’s upraised right arm and flicked his tongue over his armpit. Aidan had never known that was such an erogenous zone for him. Liam licked and nibbled at the short dark hairs there, at the tender skin, and Aidan felt weak in the knees.

Liam supported him with one hand as he attacked Aidan’s other armpit. Aidan was short of breath by the time Liam was finished, his body aching for Liam’s touch. Liam backed off and kissed Aidan again, his mouth musky now, slick with Aidan’s sweat. Aidan felt like he was being eaten alive—and he loved it.

Ewwww, he kissed him and it tasted like armpit sweat. *gag*.  Then I thought about it and realized I’ve seen this several times in porn, not that I watch that much – I swear, but I have seen it. Is this a guy thing? A gay thing? I’ve never had a guy lick my armpit. Other ladies, guys, has this happened to you? Have you ever felt compelled to sniff or lick someone’s underarm? Perhaps what disturbs me more is that second picture is credited to An entire website of pits? I’m not sure and I’m not lookin’, so don’t ask me.

I think this could be a dangerous proposition. Isn’t deodorant or antiperspirant poisonous? Nothing like keeling over dead after licking poison from someone’s pits. How romantic. I’m sure it can’t taste great. I’ve never seen chocolate flavoured deodorant (although I might be onto something there).

So tell me, how do you feel about it? Am I just a fuss-budget with a weak gag reflex? Now’s the time to out yourself as a pit fan. I won’t tease you mercilessly for months to come. Promise. 🙂

* I’m blaming crediting Kris with making me think about these kind of things after her series of m/m fetish firsts.


  • I’m afraid that the Pit bull wants a unique sort of operator…these dogs, regardless of how ‘caring’ still have teeth, are still creatures with no moral concepts and when they DO bite, won’t allow go. As in all animals…some often be additional suseptable to instinctual habits and time and time once again, this breed tends to perform just that.

    • Um… did you read the posts at all? Wrong pits! (Though in a weird bit of coincidence, my sister has a pit bull mix that adores burying her head in my brother-in-law’s armpit and boots. Kinky beastie…)

      • LOL I wasn’t sure what the connection was there Lee so I just thought I’d let it go.

        Dogs are weird at the best of times. Lovable but weird.


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