Trim the Shrubbery or Let it Grow Wild?

If you watch much porn (of any variety, gay, straight, alien) you’ll find most “professional” actors are waxed, shaved, buffed and polished to within an inch of their life. Not a stray body hair to be found.

In m/m  there seems to be mention of smooth chests in a proportion that is completely out of whack with the general population. Usually only bears are allowed their full hirsute glory in fiction. From time to time, note is made of the fact that one partner is completely bare “down there” which is sometimes considered a slightly kinky turn-on. (Not counting shaving as a fetish which is different.) Of course in historical m/m I’m assuming the guys are more as nature intended, but to be honest I’m not certain. Perhaps there was a time when men did some manscaping (while wearing high heels, ruffled satin and make-up).

How do you feel about it? Do you want your fictional  men to be smooth and shiny, or more soft and fuzzy? Do you care and want mention of it all? I’ve found instances where it’s not made note of one way or the other and works quite nicely but I don’t like a lot of physical detail in general. What about real life? Personally I like the look of a smooth chest (but am not freaked by a hairy one either – within reason). But please please please leave a treasure trail leading to the prize. Unless of course the prize is bare then I suppose that would look odd. I’m not big on the totally hairless look. It doesn’t seem “natural” to me however an out of control forest is not so attractive either.

Gilette made a funny series of videos on their site explaining how to shave your groin, back, chest, head, etc. (Even armpits but we won’t go there again.)

For guys who are curious about “manscaping” you can Google it and find a plethora of websites offering advice about how much and how to go about it. Shaving vs waxing vs depilatory creams vs laser removal. Like the example above (the GT) there are a variety of pubic hair “styles”Is there a time when a guy SHOULD manscape? How would one bring that up in conversation? “Oh honey, could you mow the lawn and while you’re at it lie down and let me at that back hair.” Somehow I’m not sure that would go over all that well. Have you ever asked your partner to do a little lawn maintenance?

So let me know what you think. What about our women readers? Do you groom personally or just let nature take its course? If you don’t, would you be willing to try the infamous Brazilian if your partner asked? I’ve heard if you take Tylenol first it hurts less. 😉 Tam’s helpful hint for the day.


  • Tam, the subject line alone had me laughing before I even got to the comments!
    I have to say I’m not a big fan of manscaping. I like stubble and chest hair and treasure trails and furry legs. I’m not a big fan of men on the street in sleeveless shirts but in the right venue — for example, basketball players in uniform — I don’t even mind underarm hair.
    Great topic, Tam. Really fun reading.

  • Trails, underarms, arms and legs need to have hair on a man. The groin, too. I’d rather see less hair on the chest, though 🙂
    And bleaching, are we talking pubic hair or puckers? I was floored a while back when I came across pucker bleaching. Now that’s a turn-off.

    • Well I was thinking bleaching of public hair but puckers are a whole nother level of extreme. It’s shame when we think nature’s got it wrong.

  • You know, I never thought about it till now but my local area is not very hairy LOL

    The men that get around topless tend to be surfers and physical workers and I can’t picture them shaving so Im going with naturally smooth.

    And because of our humidity here not everyone is six pack fit either, so I see the fit and not so fit lol.

    Maybe I can conduct a free survey for you and go ask random guys to show me their chest *let me pause and dwell on the reactions of some of my fantasy victims*

    • Oh do it, Jess do it. Dare ya. 🙂 Make sure you check if the public zone is trimmed as well. You know, just to be thorough and all.

    • Oooo… it, Jess! Do it! I double-dog dare ya! And don’t forget to take some pics! 🙂

  • next topic:
    to bleach or not to bleach?

    grown ups have pubic hair
    and it’s only bad when it’s flossing your teeth

    • Sair, when I was checking that site with the diagrams of different shaving styles where I got the above pic, one o the options was the trim and bleach. 🙂 Although dark roots on you public hair seems a bit excessive.

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