A Fair Trade

402742Title: A Fair Trade
Author: B.A. Tortuga
Publisher: All Romance ebooks
Genre: M/M/M, paranormal, western
Length: Novella (10K words)
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

A guest review by Leslie


The finest treasures aren’t always gold…

Sometimes you find magic in the most unexpected places. That’s what Cotton Myer discovers when a pair of ravens tries to steal his belt buckle and spurs. When the birds turn into men before his very eyes, he knows his little watering hole in the desert is no ordinary pool.

Kaya and Kasa have been collecting treasures a long time, but Cotton is the finest one they’ve ever seen.

Can they learn to trust enough to keep him?


I absolutely loved this story.

To appreciate how remarkable this statement is, you need to understand that I don’t usually read or care for paranormal, shapeshifter type stories. But I had read something by B.A. Tortuga a few months ago which I enjoyed, and this book is for a good cause (see below) so I decided to give it go. Boy, am I glad I did! This was a totally unexpected, delightful pleasure.

Kasa and Kaya are two big black birds (variously described as blackbirds, ravens, and crows) who are flying above the desert when they spy something shiny: Cotton Myer’s belt buckle and spurs. Cotton is bathing in the river and singing—he’s also shiny, what with his water slicked skin and sparkling blue eyes. They decide that maybe they need that treasure, too.

Cotton is a lonely cowboy who has been wandering in the desert with his old nag, Bonner. When two large blackbirds appear at his campsite and shift into young men who propose a trade, he’s not quite sure what to think. Has he gone plumb loco, become addlepated, maybe even died and gone to heaven? Whatever…Cotton decides to let things unfold as they will without worrying too much about what is going on. As a reader, you should let the story unfold, too. I’m not going to say much (it’s a short novella and I don’t want to spoil it). Let’s just say that it very sensual, very erotic, and very magical.

For those who usually don’t read M/M/M ménage, or westerns, or paranormals—let yourself move out of your comfort zone and give this one a try. I did and I am very glad to have had the experience of this book. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

NB: All Romance ebooks is having a special “28 Days of Heart” promotion during the month of February. A new novella is being released every day. All proceeds from the sales of these books will be donated to the American Heart Association to support heart health and research. Five m/m books are included in the releases and I will be reviewing all five here at Wave’s site: Exchange of Hearts by G.A. Hauser (review here); A Fair Trade by B.A. Tortuga (this review); Love is Blindness by Sean Michael; Sea of Sin by India Harper; and GPS by Leigh Ellwood. The books are reasonably priced and support a good cause, so do consider a purchase of any of them if you are tempted by my reviews.

Disclaimer: Even though Wave receives many books for review, I am purchasing these five for myself and volunteered to review them for the site.


  • Merith, I love to dialog about a story! While this forum is great, unfortunately, once a review goes off the main page, it seems to disappear and so out of sight, out of mind which makes it hard for an ongoing conversation. At least we get the email notifications. I also like to discuss a story when it is fresh in my mind…but then you also deal with the issue of spoilers for folks who haven’t read it yet.


    • That is true… I have gone through the review archives when I find a book I’m not sure about – just to see what’s being said about it. I’ve even commented a few times on the older reviews. Not often enough, I suspect.

      I will try to make it a point to go back to old reviews more and comment. I love to discuss stories and authors… but spoilers might not be such a good thing.

  • i’m always leery of multiple pairing stories, but there have been a very small handful i’ve been okay with. my problem with multiples is, there’s generally a couple that tries to add a third and it’s either too unrealistic in that there’s no growing trouble in adjusting to the adaption or there’s too much jealousy and angst for me to handle. now, if the couple is already different or set apart in some way, it’s easier to believe a smooth transition from two to three. (or maybe i’m a sucker for the 2 being needy for the 3 more masterful one).

    i just might have to give this one a go.

    • Merith, I agree with you. Threesome stories usually have way too much angst or are way too contrived to allow me to accept what is going on. Since this story has a grounding in a sort of magical world — happy magical at that — it all worked for me. Give it a go and report back and let me know what you think.


      • you bet! i’m trying to remember some of the 3some stories i’ve read that i enjoyed but the only one coming to mind is one of sean michael’s where there are twin brothers who are magical sorts but definitely needed a keeper. 😉

      • finished it! the story is cute and didn’t cause any of the negative feelings most multiple pairings cause.

        good rec! Thanks,

          • Do you ever find that when you read a good story and want others to read it, especially if you review, but it seems as though no one else will read it? Or if they do, they don’t comment back about it?


            I think I talk/comment too much, but I love a good dialogue about a good (or terribly bad) story.

  • I liked the story too, Leslie, although maybe not as much as a five star read. Still the story is well worth buying and reading, especially as the money goes to such a good cause.

    • I debated about the rating because I don’t like to hand out 5 stars willy-nilly, but in the end I decided that any story that makes me read it three times in a row…I guess I really liked it! LOL. Plus, I really liked all three characters and I was very happy for Cotton in the end. It just made me feel good all over.


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