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Today Patric Michael is sitting down with us (or maybe he’s standing up) for his very first interview since he became a published author. He told me he’s virgin territory with regard to interviews and I should not hold back with my questions, but I’m not sure “virgin” is a word I would use to describe him.

Of course I’m a virgin.  Who else but a virgin would say “Don’t hold back.” without fully understanding what that really means?  That’s why everybody wants virgins– They haven’t the ‘experience’ to say no. 

Hi Patric. Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

You’re welcome!  Thank you for having me.  Well, not ‘having’ exactly but…  Aw crud.  You know what I mean.

Since I don’t know much about you and I don’t think most of the readers on site do, could you tell us briefly something about Patric the author and the person?

Never the twain shall meet?  😀 
Patric the author is everything Patric the person is not.  Or at least, his characters are.  Between the two, we’re almost like a real live boy.  (And never mind any comments about a Blue Fairy.  I
happen to fancy purple.) [then you should like the colour I’m using for your answers Patric]

What’s the best part of this writing gig? Is writing still fun?

Without question, the best part is being in the Zone; that point where the outside world falls away and you live with the characters you’re creating.  When reality finally intrudes, you discover hours have passed.  For that reason; because being in the Zone is my drug of choice, writing is always fun!

How did you get started writing and was it difficult to be published? What was the one highlight that you can pick out, either before your first book was published or since, that you can point to and say “Heh! I rock!!”

Oh ack.  That’s such a difficult question to answer.  I think I won the equivalent of the “Literary Lottery” in that the very first M/M story I wrote was published.  On the surface that sounds pretty cool, but I recognize I missed out on a lot of the learning curve most other writers of this genre experienced.  Sometimes it bites me in the butt, and sometimes I bite back.  🙂  As for highlights, that has to be when a fan writes and says “Damn it, you made me cry.”  It means I touched someone in some fundamental way.

I have read quite a few of your books and have actually reviewed Timeless as well as Night Moves in the Sindustry Anthology, both released by Dreamspinner Press. What I love about your writing is your wonderful prose and characterizations. How do you make your characters so three dimensional? Are they based on real people? Should your friends and family head for the hills so that they are not in your next book?

  Hmm…  Night Moves was based on a true story, actually.  (So gnats to the folks who told me it was preposterous!)  Other than Jesse and Rafe, all the characters are fictional, though all of them have some quality or trait that I, um, liberated from people I know or knew.  On a side note, I’d like to think my friends and family wouldn’t run if I had plans to incorporate them into a story.  Then again, I have that writer’s imagination thing going….

I always wanted to know this. Does a hot looking guy who is a writer have a better time getting dates?

Absolutely not.  We’re just a helluva lot better at envisioning the outcome.

What do you find most challenging about writing? Are you one of those authors who always has plot bunnies running around your head? What do you do with the extra plot bunnies – breed them?

Um, Basic Anatomy 101:  Boy bunnies can’t breed together.  It’s like a law of nature or something.  Since I don’t write het, all I have are boy bunnies. 🙂  I will admit the little beggars have a propensity for sneaking out of the hutch at night and carousing though. [News flash – boy bunnies can so breed Patric, you just have to feed them the right high protein diet and place them near some girl cooties) 😀

What makes Patric tick?

Er, besides a tightly wound main spring?  🙂  You know, I think I just dated myself there. 

You have many works in progress. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of WIP’s you have going at any one time? Which are closest to being completed and what can you tell us about a couple of them?

 Naw, they don’t overwhelm me, too much.  They’re sort of like changing channels on a TV; utterly silent until I open the folder and the characters come blasting back into my head, usually bitching about how I let them languish too long.  The closest to completion is a werewolf story, with something of a twist.  It started out as a sub for an upcoming Dreamspinner anthology, but there is a second story with Marshall and Brey waiting in the wings and I’m thinking about combining both into a novel length work instead.

Patric’s newest story A Voice in the Darkness will be released in the Dreamspinner anthology Brush of Wings due out in March.

That’s the end of the serious part of the interview Patric. The guys in the hot tub are waiting to conduct their own interview.


You know the drill Patric. You have to take off most of your clothes except for your jocks (or thong) 🙂 and get in the hot tub with the boyz. Are you comfortable? No one is touching you inappropriately? Great!!

 No one is touching me inappropriately, yet.  I can hope though, can’t I?  Billy over there is quite the cutie.  [Hands off Billy you perv, he’s promised to another]
If you were asked to choose between a hot looking dumb guy and an intelligent but not so great looking guy as a date who would you choose? What if I were to tell you that your choice is staying over and you would have to look at him as well as talk to him the next morning? Would your decision be the same? 

I’ll take the intelligent guy, always and without question.  As for the next morning, he can talk all he wants, while he is making my breakfast.  Cute or not, nobody rides for free.  🙂

Why are you no longer wearing any underwear Patric? This is not that kind of hot tub . 

 Hey!  It’s not my fault edible underwear melts in hot water.  You only said I had to wear something.  You never did specify what, exactly.

Have you ever had sex outdoors during the daytime? With more than one person?

Absolutely.  I freely admit I have a “thing” for outdoors, the warmer the better.  But I especially have a thing for moonlight.  (Which, incidentally was the inspiration for Light of a Different Moon, in the MLR To Die For anthology.)  You did read that, didn’t….  Uh, hey!  Oh jeez, Billy.  Not there.  Nooo… Oh! yes.  Yes!   Um, what was I saying? [What did I tell you about leaving Billy alone Patric?]

The boyz want to know if they can play with your toys – What do they mean?  Did you bring a rubber duckie with you?

Nope!  It’s not a duckie.  🙂
Just remember boyz…  The rest of my toys are not detachable.
Um, Billy?  You gotta pull the other knob to get more bubbles.  eyeroll

Which of your characters do you think is the hottest and would you ever want to make out with him?

Rafe, definitely.  I have such a thing for long hair and tattoos. And besides, who couldn’t use a little rescue now and again?

The boyz want to end this interview with a massage after you come out of the tub and give you one wish. What would that wish be?

Duh.  Like that’s even a question.  Billy here, laid out naked in the moonlight. [I give up – you can take Billy home with you Patric] Look at him, will you?  See how the light glistens on his wet skin, rippling and running like quicksilver every time he moves?
I couldn’t wish for anything better than that.
(He does cook, doesn’t he?)  [He’s really cooking now, you’ll just have to serve him up later.]

Thank you Patric. I appreciate the time and I hope you’ll come back.

My pleasure, dear Wave, and of course I’ll be back.  I am after all, like a bad dream;  it’s damned hard to get rid of me.  😀




  • Hey Patric! Very amusing interview with Wave. How many times have you been back in the hot tub with Billly? Come on, now, be honest…we all heard about the fourth time! 🙂 Looking forward to the new anthology and your new stories. Finish up that editing so that you can get back to writing!

    Jen xo


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