Love is Blindness

Title: Love is Blindness
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Self Published
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: M/M paranormal
Length: Novella (16K words)
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

A guest review by Leslie


Love at first sight…

Young, cool, laid back professor Kieran is totally captivated by the blind and beautiful Lucien.

Lucien has been around a long time, but he is equally caught by Kieran’s sensuality. He believes Kieran might be the man he wishes to spend the rest of eternity with.

Lucien’s blindness doesn’t turn Kieran off, but will his secret?


True confession time: prior to reading this, I had read exactly one vampire story in my entire life—the original Dracula by Bram Stoker. As my daughter said to me, that one is more about dirt than vampires and the little bit I remember about it, I think she’s right. Given this, I don’t have a great deal of context for reading and reviewing a vampire story. But I read this as part of the All Romance “28 Days” promotion (see below) and even though the genre is new to me, I enjoyed this story.

I say “story” loosely because the plot is pretty thin and in the oeuvre of vampire stories, it’s probably been told a million times. Even so, the writing is good and the sexy details—of which there are many since this is basically one sex scene after another (four in all)—are pretty titillating and erotic. In particular, because Lucien is blind, he uses his other four senses to “see” Kieran and the way this process is described is very sensual. Their sexual encounters are also the way they get to know each other, make a bond and attachment and for Kieran, make the ultimate decision that will alter the course of his life. That’s about it—Lucien and Kieran, no one else, nothing else. But I have to say, they are a pretty sexy pair and I did enjoy reading about them.

This is the first thing I have read by Sean Michael; Wave tells me he is one of her favorite authors. I would certainly be open to reading something else by him since this novella captured my attention and kept me absorbed for the hour or so that it took to read it. I’d be interested in his take on other characters and stories although I may not be ready for another vampire one right away.

If you are in the mood for a short, hot, sensual read, give this a try. If you are a fan of vampire stories then I am sure this will definitely appeal. If you are a newcomer to the genre, like me, I suspect it will still make your heart flutter a bit, as it did to mine.

NB: All Romance ebooks is having a special “28 Days of Heart” promotion during the month of February. A new novella is being released every day. All proceeds from the sales of these books will be donated to the American Heart Association to support heart health and research. Five m/m books are included in the releases and I will be reviewing all five here at Wave’s site: Exchange of Hearts by G.A. Hauser (review here); A Fair Trade by B.A. Tortuga (review here); Love is Blindness by Sean Michael (this review); Sea of Sin by India Harper; and GPS by Leigh Ellwood. The books are reasonably priced and support a good cause, so do consider a purchase if you are tempted by any of my reviews.

Disclaimer: Even though Wave receives many books for review, I am purchasing these five for myself and volunteered to review them for the site.


  • I’m almost embarrassed to admit that there are 77 items in my Sean Michael folder. Almost… Some of my favorites: Seeing Love; No Regrets; Life As A Front Porch; Second Sight; Catching a Second Wind (LOVE this one) and Love In An Elevator (the cover may have influenced me on this one – yum!).

  • I admit that most of Sean Michaels books have a bit to much sex in them there are a few exceptions though. Try “Unlikely Hero”, if you want to try something else by this author. Even with the copious amounts of sex some of his books are light hearted fun.

  • Sean Michael was one of the first M/M authors I read. In fact I have read almost all the SM books at TQ and while some are basically PWP there are others that are fabulous. If it’s a long book I usually find myself skimming through some of the repetitive sex scenes but overall usually enjoy the story.

  • I am sitting here with my jaw hanging. You’ve NEVER read a vampire story? Shocked I tell you, stunned. 🙂 Just kiddin’. LOL
    Sean Michael and one long sex scene are synonymous. This may be scarilege but ‘The Center of Earth and Sky’ – DNF for me. Ugh. Could the prose get any more flowery and unrealistic? Could they produce any more cum in a 2 hour period? Their house should have been floating away on it. Could it have had any less plot than hot guys having sex over and over and over? So I’m with Lady M and Jen, some Sean Michael I adore, others I just can’t handle and get bored stupid.
    Short stories though I like because you don’t expect much plot in a few pages. In 300 pages I expect more than 280 pages of sex.

    • Tam
      As I’m a fan of this author my judgement is impaired although I must admit that the amount of cum in some of his books probably reach the high water mark on a few lakes. 🙂

    • Yup, never read a vampire story. Skipped all those Twilight books, skipped Anne Rice. Just never had any interest. Maybe it was all the dirt in Dracula that just didn’t appeal. LOL. This book, on the other hand…no dirt, lots of teeth. Grrr!


  • I have love/hate relationship with Sean Michael’s books. Some I liked very much, but there were a few I couldn’t read through – there was so much sex, that I got bored out of my mind and just couldn’t continue. Considering this is a short read, I might give it a try. And because I like the vamps. ^^

  • I have mixed feelings about Sean Michael’s books. Some of them are really wonderful and some of them tread a fine line of PWP. I have in the past given up on a few of his books because I couldn’t face another sex scene!
    I quite like his shorts though as the sex doesn’t seem too overwhelming in them. I already have this one on my TBR pile and your review has encouraged me to dig it out.
    Thanks for the great review, Leslie.

  • Hey Wave, I was just reading a few reviews of Secrets, Skin and Leather. It’s got piercings AND corsets? This is going on my to read list. LOL. Thanks for the rec!


  • Leslie
    I LOVE Sean’s writing. Patricia is right about The Center of Earth and Sky which is a wonderful book that’s on my list of “Old Favourites” to review, along with The Broken Road, As it Should Be and Where Flows the Water. He is quite prolific and while there’s a lot of sex in his books he is an incredible writer. One of his more unusual books is Secrets, Skin and Leather. 🙂
    As I mentioned to you, I read Love is Blindness and thought it was a terrific read.

  • Hi Leslie,

    thanks for this review. It basically echoes my feelings about Sean Michael’s fiction. Thin plots, sex scene upon sex scene, but great writing, great characters that you would like to meet and spend time with, and often the sex he describes is so sensual. I am a huge fan!

    If you want to read more by the author and if you especially enjoyed the sensuality of his characters, then I recommend ‘The Center of Earth and Sky.’ (The first book, that is. The second, ‘Painting the Desert,’ is good too, but very angsty.) It is thin on plot, but so loving and sensual.

    • Thanks for the recommendations, Patricia. I’ve been wondering about picking up another story by Sean. He certainly has plenty of them out there! You’ve pointed me in a good direction–thanks!


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