Rules Were Made To Be Broken

Title: Rules Were Made To Be Broken
Author: Lenore Black
Genre: Contemporary M/M, BDSM light
Length: Novella (72 pages)
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5


Successful businessman. Future pillar of the community. Stick in the mud. That’s Aaron Fitchley, and since his father retired, leaving him in charge of the business, it’s been all work, work, work. Dale Lambert is a free-spirited, responsibility-shirking charmer who has been spicing up Aaron’s upstanding life since they met as kids. So when Aaron gets Dale’s phone call for help at three a.m., he’s sure he can handle it.

But nothing could have prepared him for the sight of Dale in his underwear, wearing lip gloss, and handcuffed to his bed. After the initial shock, Aaron lets Dale loose and plans a hasty escape. But the cuffs quickly go back on… only this time Aaron is the one chained to the bed! Now that the tables have been turned, Dale has a few things to teach Aaron about breaking the rules.


They say opposites attract and this is exactly what happens in Rules were Made to be Broken. Aaron and his best friend Dale had been in each other’s pockets since they were nine years old and for 15 of his 30 years Aaron had wanted to get into Dale’s pants, but Dale was straight, wasn’t he? He dated women and had never shown the slightest inclination towards the male of the species. Aaron and Dale had spent most of their time together until he took over the family store from his father who retired to Florida, and it seemed that all he did was work, work, work and Dale was getting fed up at having to party all by himself every night. Aaron knew that the solution to his lack of leisure time was to find an Assistant Manager for the store but so far he had come up empty, not that he had started looking or anything, but he knew that something had to change soon or he would be working 24/7.

Dale never let work interfere with his fun but he was always there for Aaron whenever he needed him. He didn’t have a real  job – all he did were odd jobs that paid enough for him to buy beer. He lived rent free over a garage in exchange for working as a handyman and keeping the property from falling down, and complained bitterly to Aaron because he was never available for fun since he took over ownership of the business.

One night when Aaron was working late he received several calls from Dale to drop by their favourite bar, Dizzy’s, but Aaron was too tired and decided to go home after work. However Dale kept calling and the last one at 3.00 A.M sounded desperate so Aaron drove over to his apartment where he found him laid out, handcuffed to the bed, wearing nothing but skimpy black silk briefs, his “going-out underwear,” and lip gloss. What’s a man to do when all he can think of in this situation is getting into the bed with his best friend and having his way with him? After finding a bobby pin to in the bathroom and fiddling with the lock on the handcuffs, Aaron realized that lying over Dale’s almost naked body was making him all hot and bothered. When at last he managed to get Dale loose he saw Aaron’s condition and turned the tables on his friend by cuffing and showing him that maybe he wasn’t so straight after all. Apparently Dale was also into Aaron and was very experienced in giving pleasure; he had been trying for years to get Aaron’s attention and this was his first opportunity to get some man on man action with his best friend. Was this another of Dale’s flings and would he tire of Aaron as soon as he had satisfied his curiosity?

I loved these two characters. Aaron had many rules for hiding that he was in love with his best friend. For example, Rule # 4 was “seeing the guy really shouldn’t make your heart beat faster, so just pretend it doesn’t.” He even had a rule for this last situation – Rule #5: “Don’t stare at your best friend’s half naked body like a starving man who’s been let loose on an all-you-can-eat -buffet,” but it didn’t seem to be working! Poor Aaron, every time he saw Dale he tried to remember his rules so that Dale would not realize that he was in love with him. Dale tried to be a good friend by always staying close to Aaron’s side, except Aaron wanted more than friendship – he wanted Dale under him not by his side..

Rules Were Made To Be Broken was funny, the protagonists had chemistry together, and the supporting characters were well drawn, from Bertie who came to the store every morning and stayed till closing time, Ida Mae, Mr. Bryson, and other customers who hung around the store and kept an eye on Aaron.

If you’re looking for a fun book that has a story and is not all sex I would recommend that you try Rules Were Made To Be Broken.


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      • Wave……well, I read it. It’s a cute, quick, funny story; I enjoyed it. Thanks for the excellent recommendation!

  • Tam
    If you’re looking for a fun book then you don’t have to look any further. As expected I loved Dale, a man after my own heart, but he proved that he wasn’t all fluff and despite what appeared on the surface, his heart was in the right place. The best part? There was an actual story with good supporting characters. Buy it, you won’t regret it. 🙂

  • I enjoyed this story quite a bit, wished it could have been a little longer. Maybe showed us a little more of the dance the two did around each other. I’ve debated Dale’s quick switch, but then given his nature, it really isn’t so hard to believe.

    It almost seemed as though Dale were hanging about, not committing to anything just so he could be there for Aaron. But that just might be my need to wrap things up in a pretty bow.

    • Merith
      I don’t think Dale did a switch. He seemed to be into men as well as women given some of this antics in school, and you will recall that he seemed to know what he was doing. Can’t say too much because I don’t want to give out spoilers.
      I thought the humour in this book was well done even though it was different from All’s Fair in Love and Advertising.

  • That sounds like a fun read. I enjoyed Lenore’s other book All’s Fair in Love and Advertising which had a good sense of humour as well. I’ll definitely give this one a look.

    • All’s Fair in Love and Advertising had to be one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. I loved the humor and Max’s neurotic behavior and inner monologue.


      This story doesn’t have quite the same humor, but Aaron’s rules are hilarious!


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