4th Ugly Covers Competition

cover no. 28

cover no. 25
cover no. 26

cover no. 24

cover no. 23

cover 22

cover no. 21

cover no. 15

cover no. 10

cover no. 16
cover no. 19
cover no.
cover no. 12
cover no. 13
cover no. 19
cover no. 8


cover no. 7

cover no. 6
cover no. 5
cover no. 4
cover no. 3

cover no. 11

cover no. 1

cover no. 2


  • A nice selection once again *sigh*
    At least the candyland has some humour going. I am voting for menstruating mall. with lionsbane a close second

  • OMG, Wave, you have outdone yourself. They’re all so awful that I honestly have a hard time narrowing it down to one. However, Super Fetus is just downright disgusting so #3 gets my vote if I have to vote for only one. Honorable mentions go to: 15 and 8. 24, 10 and 21 are just wierd. I liked the guy on #5, but the guy on #22 — just yummy.

    • Jen
      The applause should go to the readers who submitted nominations. I could never have found these beauties. Tam is the judge and she will make a note, I’m sure, of your vote for the Super Fetus of the year. 🙂
      Your Honourable Mentions are just as lovely.

  • Uhm… ewwww… the one that’s going to make me lose the most sleep is ‘The Menstruating Mall’ but really? They all lovingly caressed my gag reflex. Where’s the eyeball bleach and cortex rinse when you need it?

  • Please excuse me while I go bleach my eyes! And seriously, some of these also have the worst titles I have ever read…….if I could vote for them all I would, but my vote goes with The Baby Jesus Butt Plug….for kinda obvious reasons…what IS that alien-like head with the gas mask all about? Scary. It also gets my vote for hecka bad title too!

  • OMG I’m laughing so hard I have tears streaming down my face. It’s a tough choice but if I have to pick just one, my vote goes to Baby Jesus Buttplug with Redline Love and Blazing Embers close behind. Is that stubble they’re standing on in Blazing Embers?

    • Sydney

      Is that stubble they’re standing on in Blazing Embers?<<
      I think it is. What else can it be? 🙂
      I’ll make sure that Tam our high priestess of the votes, counts yours.
      I’m so happy that we brought a little fun into your life. 🙂

  • While the covers (and titles) of the books from Eraserhead Press are a little out there, the guys from the small press are real keepers.

    Met them in Portland Oregon at OryCon and found them to be a bunch of polite, fun-loving, and the most hysterically funny people I’ve ever met.

    I bought three of their books just to support the pure awesomeness of the encounter.

    • Hi RD

      While the covers (and titles) of the books from Eraserhead Press are a little out there, the guys from the small press are real keepers.<<

      I’m sure that you’re right, but you have to admit that their book covers are something else. 🙂
      You didn’t vote. 🙂

      • They /are/ something else which makes me love them a little bit. 🙂

        And D’oh. I was hoping you’d not noticed that part. 😉

        My ticky mark goes beside Lionsbane.

  • I actually kinda like the Candyland cover, disturbing, right on 😀

    Some of the covers are just bad and amateurish, I agree with Jules – it’s the titles that are scary.

    I’ll have to go with Lionsbane. Erotica with Frankensteins butler Igor licking a comatose drag queen, or is it a blow-up drag queen doll?


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