A HUGE Fix On The Site

Many of you have complained about the “comments” plug-in on the site because paragraph breaks have to be forced by using an asterisk. Well I have great news – Aunt Lynn, our other technology expert on the site, has fixed the “comments” function. For everyone who comments on posts, this is huge! Lynn spent hours of her free time yesterday to fix this problem for all of us. Here’s part of an email she sent to the guest reviewers on the site:

” When making a comment on a post, if you use a double return for a para break, it should now actually keep that blank para break when you see it live after hitting the “submit comment” button.  Note that this is a global change, meaning that it “fixes” old posts as well as new ones, so if you have used an asterisk or other character to force a para break in those old posts, then those comments will look a little funny because they will also have para spacing around those characters.”



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