Title: JackMagic
Author: Jillian Snyder
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (16k words)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Aunt Lynn


Aaron isn’t expecting much more than tipsy women and cheesy magic tricks when he gets roped into seeing a JackMagic show with his sister’s bachelorette party. He’s pleasantly surprised to find that not only are the illusions top notch, but the star of the show is drop-dead gorgeous as well. When Aaron meets Jack in a chance encounter in the alley during intermission, and an instant mutual attraction pops out of the proverbial hat.

Walking away with the sexy magician’s phone number burning a hole in his pocket, Aaron really wants to know if there’s more to Jack than the tricks of his magical trade. But first he’ll have to find the nerve to call and make a date!


JackMagic is the first published work by author Jillian Snyder, and one I liked quite a bit. After a string of disappointments from this publisher, I was happy to find this to be a sweet and spicy little tale laced with the theme of illusion and a touch of bondage.

Aaron reluctantly agrees to attend his sister’s bachelorette party, neither of them aware that “the girls” have arranged for them all to see the hottest magic act in town, JackMagic. Once in his seat, he is mesmerized by not only the smokin’ hot assistants, but “Jack” is stunning. During the intermission, he heads outside for a cigarette only to meet up with the star of the show himself who offers up a card trick and his phone number. Finally screwing up his courage to contact the gorgeous magician, Aaron calls and they make a date. What happens then can only be described as “magical…”

I liked how caught up in the show Aaron got, how mesmerized by the good-looking magician he was, especially since he had no desire to attend in the first place. I also thought it was cute that he got flustered on the phone making the date:

He gave up berating himself for his caveman speak and accepted the fact that his usual practiced eloquence had waved good-bye to him at the beginning of the conversation.

Sexy and outwardly-confident Jack is unexpectedly and sweetly insecure, a normal guy under the public guise of JackMagic. I liked watching him make Aaron’s little fantasy come true, and thought it was sad that such a popular person could be so lonely for real company (“I never know what people want.”).

The only other character that has much screen time is Aaron’s sister, Shelly, who could have been drawn as a crazy bridezilla, but wasn’t. Times when she had the opportunity to whine or complain about the wedding or her own problems, she was able to stop herself and get back on track to Aaron and whatever was going on with them.


If you are looking for a relatively short, but sweet read with some steamy smexxin, look no further than JackMagic. I’ll be watching to see what else this new author gives us.


  • Lyn
    Based on your review I’m really looking forward to reading this book. It sounds like a lot of fun and the characters seem to have a connection.

    On a side note Lynn, this is probably the shortest review you have written. 🙂
    Wonderful review.

    • 🙂 Thanks Wave, it was a good little book.

      And for your information, Ms Smarty Pants, the shortest review I did was for In Sunshine and In Shadow from Josh’s Collected Vol. 1…

  • I really enjoyed this one too Lynn. It was a fun story with great characters. My only niggle is the mandatory “gay brother goes to the bachelorette party” schtick which is used so often. Just cause he’s gay doesn’t mean he wants to hang out with a bunch of girls. You never see the “lesbian sister at the men’s bachelor party”. LOL If he was straight would she ask him to come? Okay, done ranting about that and yes, it allowed him to meet Jack so all’s good, but it’s one of my little eye roll things and it certainly didn’t take away my enjoyment of the book at all. 🙂

    • Tam, I thought that, too. What’s up with that? 🙂 But, yeah, convenient plot device for an overall sweet book.


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