Pony Play

393242Title: Pony Play
Author: J.M. Snyder
Publisher: JMS Books
Length: Short story (7104 words)
Genre: BDSM
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

A guest review by Leslie


Drew isn’t into BDSM and doesn’t get off on calling anyone “Master.” So he doesn’t know why he lets his friend Sean talk him into attending a weekend affair hosted by a local bondage group. When he finds out it’s a pony play weekend, Drew doesn’t think things can get much worse.

But they do—his insolent manner once outfitted turns a harsh trainer on him. Salvation comes at the hands of a gentle man named Phillip, who leads the abused Drew to a quiet stable and shows him just how erotic succumbing to a master can be.


Another case where the cover caught my eye and I just couldn’t resist buying the book.

If you have a spare 20 minutes and want to learn something about pony play in the context of a fictional story, this might just be the book for you.

Sean and Drew are friends—not lovers, just old friends from college. Sean is into the BDSM lifestyle but Drew has absolutely no interest. Even though Sean knows this, he invites Drew to a pony weekend event at a local horse farm. Drew adamantly refuses until Sean tells him there is a 99% probability that he’ll have sex. Since Drew hasn’t been laid in a long time, that’s enough to convince him to say yes and go along for the day.

They arrive at the event and it is a veritable beehive of activity of horse and pony fetishists. Vendors are selling all sorts of horse-related paraphernalia (all leather) and people are parading around in various states of undress in their pony and master outfits. I chuckled a little at the descriptions—there are men there with fat bellies and tiny cocks and women with saggy boobs—in other words, average looking folks, out for a fun weekend at the horse farm.

Drew is about to bolt and go wait for Sean in the car when suddenly he is in the barn, with a groom dressing him up in pony gear. Drew is really not enjoying this and by the time he gets out to the paddock with all the other newbie ponies, he’s pissed off enough to be labeled as a “frisky pony” and gets a whipping—a serious whipping. One of the more experienced players realizes this is way out of line and takes Drew back into the barn to apply some horse liniment to his welts and…well, you can imagine where the story goes from there.

This is a straight forward, very short story about a kink that is (I am told) very common in the leather/BDSM community. It’s told in an open and non-judgmental way, that is, not trying to convert anyone to the lifestyle but at the same time, not saying that it’s wrong. The author makes the point that, for many people, pony play is a source of sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

If you are at all curious about this aspect of the BDSM lifestyle, this story might appeal. Beyond that, it probably has a pretty limited range of interest, which is the reason for my 3.5 star rating. If the idea of pony play totally squicks you out, stay away.

NB: I told Wave that I thought this cover might warrant an entry in the next Ugly Covers Contest. I think it is time to move beyond Carlton Mellick III. 🙂



  • That is a cover that totally puts off wanting to buy or read the book! It is gross! Personally I can not understand why people want to behave like that or be dressed like that! Life has not be sugar coated but this…? No way!

    • Hi Mirko…thanks for your comment. As they say, different strokes…I also am not interested in being a pony (or a master), that’s for sure, but I was curious enough to read the story.


  • The cover is off-putting to me, but the name on the cover says “come hither.” Love J.M. Snyder, am curious about kink, and your review has me intrigued.

    • If you love J.M. Snyder then I would say give this a go. It’s short, I paid less than $3 for it and I would be curious what you think. Read it and report back!


  • The only pony play experience I’ve had is watching Bones on TV when the pony guy was killed and they had to figure out who did it. Ummm. Yeah, not my thing but I guess whatever floats your boat. Although I have seen that costume the guy is wearing in reference to puppy play (is that not supposed to be a dog head?) but hey, I know even less about that than pony play. And CSI taught me everything I know about furries. Thank god for TV or I’d be totally ignorant. 😉

    I’m pretty sure it’s not for me. As John said it brings to mind bestiality and sounds pretty borderline non-con on the discipline side if things got that out of hand.

    • Like I said, I think this has a fairly limited range of interest and I only read it in the name of research…hahahahah…Anyway, if it had been much longer, I probably wouldn’t have bothered.


  • It would take a lot of romancing on Phillip’s part to gain my trust. Sure, I could see his hotness and I’d be grateful that he was releasing me from the restraints. But as soon as I’m unshackled, I’m out of there.

  • I’ve read this one a long, long time ago in J.M. Snyders’ story collection and, while I found the pony play weird, the way Drew was treated in the middle of the bondage group was the biggest flaw of this story for me. Like John said, what happened to consensual?! I also found it highly unlikely Drew would join the play with Phillip enthusiastically after what happened to him, no matter how hot or gentle Phillip was.

  • The cover would make me not buy it and the subject, pony play?, makes me think of beastiality right up front. I know that’s not what it is, but that’s where my mind went first.

    Is it assumed that all attending this ‘festival’ are wanting to participate? I thought the magic word in bdsm was no or stop. I would think Drew said no more than once.

    • Maybe I read too much Dan Savage, but I feel like I hear quite a bit about pony play, and puppy play, and Furries, which is partly why the cover of this book caught my eye. I agree that the basic premise–Drew going along as an unwilling participant–might not be realistic. On the other hand, maybe he was curious and was protesting because he felt like he was supposed to but deep down, he really wanted to go. The story was so short there wasn’t much character development, so issues like this weren’t fully explored. LOL.

      The story was more about pony play gear and PP as a variation on D/s, rather than a more thorough explanation of BDSM, safe words and so on. On one hand, I am sure some of what was depicted was totally unrealistic. On the other hand, now I know how those little hoof boots work. 😉



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